Sunday, November 6, 2016

pecos: to ballgame


We meet Donny (formerly Kyle, for those without a program) in therapy at the V.A. in Big Spring. We know when we meet him where he is and (a little about) why he is there because Susan (Donny's mother) has told Henry.

We are there when he returns to housing to find a roommate who has hung himself. Donny stares. The other roommate arrives, also stares, asks Donny if he's called anyone? Donny shakes his head no.
Roommate whips out phone.

Henry and Susan meet in the grocery store (Alpine). Chit-chat: about the dogs. She likes his beard. How are things? She has two tickets to an upcoming baseball game at Kokernot Field. It's a date.

Henry's handiwork, dogs supervising. He's fixed the gate and is bolstering some fencing. Earl arrives. The news. Up for a beer? Sure. He loves the deck and all Henry's done, maybe Henry'd be "innerstid" in doing some similar out at his ranch. He's got a guest house. Meet my wife, she met Travis (Henry's late uncle), and will be sad to hear the news. If not surprised, as his wife has premonitory dreams.
Over beers and back porch pistol shooting we learn a little more about Henry, and Earl's experience in Vietnam (where Travis had been). 

Donny in the gym, taking it out on the bag, furious before a slow sea change has him holding onto the bag as if for dear life before two guys in wheelchairs come over to console him.

Susan and Soledad at lunch. Friends since Donny and Joey met in third grade. Joey, Soledad's son, did not come home from Afghanistan. Some talk about Donny at Big Spring. And a casual reference to the ballgame Tuesday night. With whom? Henry. Silence. Soledad's barely-there smile.  

Meet Jesse. At mom's house with little sister, discussing her Quinceañera. Mom will pull him aside to return something he left in his pants in the laundry last time he was there; it's a baggie of cocaine.

No en mi casa, mi hijo  Go see your father. Little sister runs over for a hug. Mom staples her stare onto him. Jesse plays an "oh, almost forgot," and produces a necklace from a pocket that wins little sister and seems to conflict mom, who shakes her head. Jesse leaves. We hear the rumble of an engine. Outside and Jesse's big four-wheeler. He leaves.

Meet Jolene. Gun store somewhere. Over the counter purchase. She's a security guard, there's her certificate, license, everything. Sign on the dotted line, maybe there are fingerprints involved, but in short a routine and legal-all-the-way over-the-counter purchase of a handgun. She walks out the door, swallowed by bright sunlight.

Exterior gunshop. Her car. Florida plates. Jolene gets in, starts it up, cranks the music(?), drives off.

Henry at home. Hanging the new bag in the fixed-up, spartanish gym. Gets a call. It's from either Sam or Bill, at home by the kidney pool. Thinking about selling the bar. (Or, deal has gone through.) What's Henry up to. Ballgame. Wouldn't call it a date. 

Susan at home, in robe, brushing her hair in the mirror. Glass of wine. Bathwater running. She gets up with wine, exits into bathroom. We hear water turned off, the setting down of the glass, the sound of her slipping into the water.

Henry at home, cleaning up. Finds some of his uncle's old cologne, a gift from Charles (his son, Henry's cousin).

Take me out to the ballgame.


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