Sunday, November 6, 2016

pecos: from ballgame to DONNY ARR HOME

Ballgame, night.. Jesse makes a mistake messing with Henry, gets dropped like a bag of cement with a left job, duck under, over-the-top right. Jesse's sidekick Nick considers going after Henry, and reaches for something but stops when a cowboy onlooker, with friends, suggests that Nick might not be the only one in the lot with backup. He follows advice to pick up his friend and scramola.

Susan has seen the whole thing.

Not just one witness has aimed their phone at the brief encounter. Cowboys suggest that Henry get on before security arrives. He and Susan leave.

Henry and Susan driving to her house. He's sorry she had to see that. She's sorry he had to deal with it. He wonders if she'd mind he ice his left hand, which he rests in his lap, at her place. Of course. Silence.

Donny driving, night. Old Corvette and six-pack in his lap, headlights illuminating lonesome back road. Speedometer clings to 90. Music cranked. V.A. pharmacy bag in passenger seat. Two mini-sized hand grenades dangle from rearview mirror.

Nick driving Jesse, night. He's come around. Nick asks if he's okay. Jesse is surly, edgy, roiling. Nick asks where to? Jesse: my place.

Susan's house. Donny's Army photo. She prepares ice compress. Henry's knuckles are bruised. He's got a beer. Some discussion of the altercation. Susan is about to tell him something about Jesse when we hear the rumbling of the 454. Susan: Donny.

Donny arriving. Henry's Suburban in the driveway. Donny pulls the nine from under his seat, tucks it into the back of his waistband, hangs the tail of his shirt over it. Goes to the house, Susan out the door and running to him. Henry appears in the doorway, left hand iced. He salutes Donny with his right hand. Donny salutes back.

Low, to Susan: Who's the dude?

Come on, I'll introduce you.

Interior kitchen. Donny tells Henry a little about Jesse. Henry appreciates the information, knows it's time to leave, will stop by the shelter when he's in town for ______ in a couple days.

Susan and Donny on porch watch Henry leave. Then back in the house where Donny admits he left the program a little early but that he was not required to stick around, it's all voluntary, wonders if maybe he could just settle in to being back home and talk more about it in the morning.

Susan: Of course, baby. 

He gets another beer. 

Donny: Jesse won't let this go.

Susan has no response for that.

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