Monday, November 28, 2016

pecos beats to shooting range

Danny arrives home when Henry is there post-Kokernot. Henry leaves.

Jesse, slightly concussed, driven home by Rick. The dogs.

Henry arrive home, bruised knuckles. A beer.

Sylvia arrive motel. The gun.

Danny to Kyle's, sees Jesse leaving. Catching up.

Henry working. Earl's visit.

Pool hall. Josefina. Enter Danny.

McDonald observatory. Jo's "kind."

Jesse and mom and sister's Q; and mom having found something he left back last time. And another lie about the bruised face.

Jo's house. Dad waiting up. Danny brings Jo home.

Lozena's. Danny arrive home. Lozena remarks on his "cologne." Re: Jo's weed.  

Danny's dream. Out of bed early. On the road at sunrise. Lozena hears the engine, out of bed, reads the note: "a drive." Checks his prescriptions. The weed.

Henry at work on the gate. Danny drives up. Come on in. How he knew Henry's uncle (and where the truck lives).

Sylvia leaves motel.   

Lozena at lunch w/friend.

Danny and Henry, life factoids over beers.

Jesse and Rick at shooting range. A murder/suicide. 

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