Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Yi 496: clayton and kristie: final scenes


and all for the best.

by the way. 

Yi 495: Annamarie 18

Yi 494: Annamarie 17: the necessary change

some relating hexagram, "Mission Accomplished."

some 14 and some 11.

mere coincidence, of course, all of it, and about an imaginary friend.

still, a somewhat interesting pattern, added to previous. 

A Love Story 11: ARR SEATTLE

1. Airport. Walking to her car.

2. Lunch downtown.

3. Aquarium. (Or other.)

4. Arrive her house. Old bungalow on a wide leafy street.

5. Meet the dog. A tour. On the architecture. Her late husband was a residential architect. (There are drawings of their retirement home he was working on.) She's close to putting the bungalow on the market, leaving Seattle. Not sure where yet. (We already know she is nearing retirement.) She shows him his room. She's going to start dinner. He asks if he can help. A beat, then "yes."

6. Preparing dinner. Salmon. He's taking care of the salad. Both sipping on wine. The dog supervises, and seems to never leave her side. An "old fella," a rescue.

7. Dinner in the dining room. She wonders if he'd be interested in seeing a virtual slide-show, pictures she took on a recent week-long in Palm Springs at a friend's house. (This has already been introduced in their emails.) "Of course" he would.

8. Cue slide-show.

Yi 493: LJR 10

a tick

it's as if i've plucked a tick,
bloated, swollen and thick
from filling its belly
until a bug ball of jelly
it's sucked at the site of its prick.

Yi 492: clayton: moving on

dream: being interviewed

inside somewhere.

he's older and, I think, in a suit.

we're seated on the same couch or bench, he's to my left.

seems about the work.

he asks something about my social life. something like that. I tell him I don't have one, am not missing one; I write.

he asks about influences. none come immediately to mind I vaguely recall muttering something, maybe about music, but maybe not.

being interviewed.

dream: handling GREEN MARDI GRAS BEADS

"The traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold were not chosen arbitrarily. Rex, the King of Carnival, selected this scheme in 1892, declaring purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power. The colors are now used on nearly every Mardi Gras decoration, including the millions of beaded necklaces that have been tossed along the parade route since the 1870s."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Yi 491: Annamarie 16

particularly loud when one "knows" and hopes it's coming.

but, ask again anyway.

A Love Story 10

The bridge between Her visit to His place in Silver City and his reciprocal visit to where She lives in Seattle is built of their collective recollection of their time in New Mexico - new memories - and how that manifests in their increased correspondence, as well as their respective conversations with their closest friends.

He notices his work has changed slightly. Suddenly brighter colors on the palette, perhaps a shift in shape and form. A landscape emerges on a previously confused canvas. The buttery gold of a crack of sunlight through clouds turning aspens into candles.

She is spurred by a student's question (perhaps) to further explore a historical character. (And who might that be?) (A complex queen, me thinks.)

They both reference the "years remaining."

They "notice new things," like water running in gutters, spider webs, sounds previously tuned out by the static of rote habit. 

His ex-wife's father dies, he attends the funeral. They have a heavy heart-to-heart that helps them both.

Ms. Seattle extends her offer for him to visit "sometime in the summer."

Dates in August are highlighted on two calendars. This is how his visiting son finds out.

Exterior Seattle Airport, day. Them walking to Her SUV in the lot. She hopes He's hungry because She knows a place for lunch.

These two need names.

Well, he does. I reckon I know hers.

Yi 490: TC's marriage 1

more why in the world am I witnessing another couple's marital dynamics in my dreams?

and every time I ask about this one the prognosis points to impasse.


I'm sorry I chased the card away;
the whole thing feels like something broken.
In my reckless pursuit of what to say,
I became an example of too outspoken.

I'm glad the horse comes out to play,
and I hear music when you say my name.
Not that that's quite a by-the-way,
but I want to state it all the same.

Do you think when we are old and gray  
that it will matter very much
when something leaves that couldn't stay
that we did or didn't stay in touch?

dream: more african queen

like birds's POV above the black convertible sporty-looking car she's in. it's all blacked out and so is she, in the driver's seat.


911-ish, actually.

dream: nadia

interesting demonstration.


or  mere example of possibility.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Yi 489: Annamarie 15

it's all there. 

Yi 488: Carole climbing (dream) revisited

We're climbing the sheer side of a mountain, nearing the top. We have no gear, no ropes; to fall is to die.

She is an a position higher on the side of the cliff and reaches down for my hand/wrist so as to pull me to a position above her, a feat of (in real life) superhuman strength.

From my new position, I reciprocate, pulling her in the same fashion to her new position above me.

From which she again lifts me to above her and I am/we are now nearing the top, maybe one more push (or pull), or two.

I had this dream six years ago.


Legge: The fourth line, magnetic, shows one contemplating the glory of the kingdom. It will be advantageous for her, being such as she is, to seek to be a guest of the king.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Contemplation of the light of the kingdom. It furthers one to exert influence as the guest of a king.
Blofeld: Contemplating the conditions of a realm guides us as to whether we should become the ruler's guests. [In ancient China, many scholars, such as Confucius himself, wandered from kingdom to kingdom and princedom to princedom seeking a ruler wise and virtuous enough to profit by their teachings. It was by observing the splendors or miseries of each realm that they were able to form preliminary judgments and thus decide whether the ruler might be worth approaching or not. The implication is that we must not accept something as good without waiting to discover whether the alleged good qualities are genuine.]
Liu: Observation of the glory of the country. It is beneficial to exert influence as the guest of the leader.
Ritsema/Karcher: Viewing the city's shining. Harvesting: availing-of guesting tending-towards kinghood.
Shaughnessy: Looking up at the state's radiance; beneficial herewith to be entertained to audience by the king.
Cleary (1): Observing the glory of the country, it is beneficial to be a guest of a king.
Wu: He admires the glories of the nation. It will be advantageous to be an honored guest of the king.

Yi 487:"you know you have the ticket" (dream) revisited

The woman in the dream, reminiscent somehow of The Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz, told me, seeming to be a little amused with my urgency and frustration with the changes in directions that I felt were slowing me down from "getting there," "You know you have the ticket. You know you're going to get there."

pecos beats to shooting range

Danny arrives home when Henry is there post-Kokernot. Henry leaves.

Jesse, slightly concussed, driven home by Rick. The dogs.

Henry arrive home, bruised knuckles. A beer.

Sylvia arrive motel. The gun.

Danny to Kyle's, sees Jesse leaving. Catching up.

Henry working. Earl's visit.

Pool hall. Josefina. Enter Danny.

McDonald observatory. Jo's "kind."

Jesse and mom and sister's Q; and mom having found something he left back last time. And another lie about the bruised face.

Jo's house. Dad waiting up. Danny brings Jo home.

Lozena's. Danny arrive home. Lozena remarks on his "cologne." Re: Jo's weed.  

Danny's dream. Out of bed early. On the road at sunrise. Lozena hears the engine, out of bed, reads the note: "a drive." Checks his prescriptions. The weed.

Henry at work on the gate. Danny drives up. Come on in. How he knew Henry's uncle (and where the truck lives).

Sylvia leaves motel.   

Lozena at lunch w/friend.

Danny and Henry, life factoids over beers.

Jesse and Rick at shooting range. A murder/suicide. 

Yi 486: worry and fret

Yi 485: clayton: the end

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yi 484: my prayer and Dave's Spirit.

Five years have passed since my brother Dave, in the photo above, Guadalupe river behind him, died, middle of the night, Thanksgiving morning, at my mom's house, my brother Jay there with her.

can't say I knew it was coming but was sure hoping and praying for it.

thank you, Lord. 

A timeout from this blog for a few days.

Yi 483: Annamarie 14

Legge: The sixth line, dynamic, shows its subject possessed of sincerity and arrayed in majesty. In the end there will be good fortune.
Wilhelm/Baynes: His work commands respect. In the end good fortune comes.
Blofeld: His sincerity (and/or confidence) is such as to make him appear awe-inspiring -- good fortune in the end!
Liu: Sincerity and dignity bring good fortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Possessing conformity, impressing thus. Completing significant.
Shaughnessy: There is a return stooped-like; in the end auspicious.
Cleary (1): There is trustworthiness, dignified; it turns out well.
Cleary (2): There is truthfulness, which is impressive. The end is auspicious.
Wu: He is confident in his dignity and will have good fortune in the end

(see 63 link below.)