Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yi 268: SoPo 1

Legge: The first line, dynamic, shows that it will be advantageous for its subject in his position to make a great movement. If it be greatly fortunate, no blame will be imputed to him.
Wilhelm/Baynes: It furthers one to accomplish great deeds. Supreme good fortune. No blame.
Blofeld: The time is favorable for undertaking great works -- sublime good fortune and no error!
Liu: It is beneficial to undertake a great enterprise. Sublime good fortune. No blame.
Ritsema/Karcher: Harvesting: availing-of activating the great, arousing. Spring significant, without fault.
Shaughnessy: Beneficial herewith to do the great creation; prime auspiciousness; there is no trouble.
Cleary (1): It is beneficial to act so as to do great work: this is very auspicious and blameless.
Cleary (2): It is beneficial to undertake to do great work. If it turns out very well, there is no blame.
Wu: It is beneficial to do farming. There is great fortune, no error.

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