Friday, September 23, 2016

Steve McQueen

I could do a Steve McQueen.
Might not land in Santa Paula,
but that's part of being king,
picking where you put your dollar.

I could do a Steve McQueen.
Take my Porsche to the track,
set my beer down on the green,
grab my hole-in-one right back.

I could do a Steve McQueen.
Valley view from shade of oak.
Starriest nights I've ever seen.
Creek in which to take a soak.

I could do a Steve McQueen.
Powder mornings on the mountain.
Deep where the trees are in-between.
Too many days to even be countin'.

I could do a Steve McQueen,
big step up from playing the fool
to star each day in such a scene,
you want me yo I'm in the pool.

I could do a Steve McQueen.
Settle down and take a wife
if I find the woman of that dream
and that dream would marry me for life.

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