Sunday, September 25, 2016

run 1

all uphill treadmill unless otherwise noted.

Had planned on an hour-fifteen, maybe hour-twenty, depending, but felt good enough to go an hour-thirty minutes.

Could have, pretty sure, slowed the pace and managed two hours but don't think that would have been a good idea.

Good, though, to know the distance won't be an issue, and will probably bump it to two hours next week, then back off and work on pace, add some steepness, count on the weekly spins on the bike to supplement and strengthen.

Hips can feel it today and a slight fever headache from the push but a good breakthrough to the next level, physically and mentally.

Have feeling the edible Jordan gave me Friday evening, that I gobbled a couple hours before the run, didn't hurt.

Pre-run meal of pancakes, two eggs, sausage, three pints at Dub's. Might have to fine tune that a little going forward.

And runs on Saturdays, not Sundays, so as to allow for more recovery time.

Overall, a sense of accomplishment and something to build on. 

Slow gears but uphill all the way none the less, 5% for first hour, 5.5 for last half-hour.

Encouraging re: the possibility of the marathon in March but I'll have a better sense of that after the half. If so, though, likely the last, then more focus on the bike, continuing the weekly runs but focusing more on power and uphill than long-distance. Much as my heart, lungs and muscles are (still, somehow) endurance-friendly, my joints - hips, particularly - are not.

All the more motivation, probably, to do the marathon, get it out of my system, then more time on the bike and in the pool and moving weigh in the gym.

The too-tired time-out last weekend proved the right call.

One small step at a time.  

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