Sunday, September 25, 2016

mom's dream

called her this evening, she shared a dream she had this morning in which i:

was in a hallway she described as longer than wide, but wide.

she said "hotel."

i came into the hallway carrying three large boxes, "black and white and abstract," all, she said, maybe "three feet" square.

i began to empty all manner of odds and ends contents of the boxes.

i showed her the "invoice" indicating the money i had received for the sale of said contents. she could not remember an amount but rememberd it as "impressive."

there were - by the way - two women with me, one she described as my girlfriend.

i asked if she could remember hair color.

yes. the "dark-haired" woman was my girlfriend, but she was not sure of the relationship with the "blonde." i got the sense the dark-haired woman was situated more in the foreground than the blonde, based on her description.


anyway, even as she spoke - 'twas the money and the boxes - it rang a bell.

and another.

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