Tuesday, September 27, 2016

dream: McP: together again

Clothed in a bed, in embrace.

Mutual smiling, and I'm speechless.

Absorbing it, slight disbelief.

McP in white top and white pants, which I remove.

She says something about, ahem, "before I go to work."

As always - and recently I thought it's been awhile - a definite "weight" upon waking, but in this case lightened by tone and content.

All white.

(But "festive-ish" print underwear.)

A Happy dream.

I do recall an actual discussion in which "maybe down the road" came up and something about "five years or so."

But that was a million of them ago.

At any rate.

A good day-starter.

funny, as I asked I had a very clear image of McP in the woods, taking it all in.

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