Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yi 254: couple at ralphs last night

Brief encounter with a couple last night, I'd guess they were both around 60, probably a couple years past. Cowboyish Caucasian, then his wife showing up, Chinese. A "moment" between them and then she slapped his hand, shaking her head, kind of smiling, not entirely pleased he had found a spot for a beer time-out. He knew she'd be less than enthralled when she found him, but it was good-natured, "knowing" (some history, I'm sure), familial. But she kept going and he got up and followed, saying something about how a Chinese woman will hit you if she loves you or something like that, followed by something about what she'll do if she doesn't. Can't recall but could probably find something close. Anyway, felt a little like there might have been something there for me to See.


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