Friday, September 16, 2016

boots:last piece: tom's dream: talkinamyself

Carson has come down the hall toward Tom's room, the guest room in Carson's house. He's in his socks, no noise, the light on in Tom's room. When it goes out, he stops, shadowy in the hallway, scarce ambient light.

He retreats back up the hall and turns out of view.



Something like:

The camera is our POV. A kind of go-pro effect.

Every element - colors, sounds, swaying of the palms - "turned up," dreamlike.

Black sand to the ocean dead-ahead, shimmering shades of turquoise, darker blues toward the distant horizon. Waves rise, swell, break, roll to the beach.

And the back of head of the palomino horse we are on, mane stirred by the breeze that sways the palms and blows mist off the tops of the waves.

We pan right to see Wanda approaching on horseback - hers is white - at a distance of perhaps fifty yards. She waves, passable as Dale Evans about to sing Happy Trails.

Hoof prints in the sand from us to her.

Tom's left arm and hand rise into frame - we recognize the shirt cuff and wedding ring - and wave back

A WOMAN'S VOICE lands softly in our left ear (Dolby, baby): Tom.

We pan left to see A WOMAN, Tom's age, who could be taken for his twin from our vantage point twenty or so yards down the beach from her, also on horseback - black as the sand - where the beach meets a trail, indicated by a direction arrow staked into the sand, that leads into the trees.

Hoof prints in the sand from us to her.

She turns her horse from facing the ocean to facing the trail, gestures with a wave and point to follow, then stirs the reins, cueing her horse onto the trail, into the trees, then finally out of view in them.

We pan back to Wanda, still nearing on horseback but barely removed from her previous position down the beach.

She looks up and points to the sky.

Our gaze tilts up accordingly at the buttery ball of sun at high noon, growing larger, filling the sky, the frame, so bright-white it almost blinds us.


Tom in bed, eyes closed. then wide open, then finding the CAT on the corner of the bed, scramming almost as soon as it's seen.


Later, when Ruidoso comes up, and horseback riding, Chloe will ask about the last time Tom was on a horse; he'll mention the dream (and we'll learn the woman is RUTH). Black sand will bring up Hawaii, thus Tom and Wanda's trip "over Thanksgiving" and into Chloe having learned to surf at Waikiki.

Re: Hawaii, in the last scene of the movie, Chloe and her friend, Tom's truck now Chloe's, on the way to the beach to surf, friend asks about Wanda. Chloe tells of the planned trip to meet her in Hawaii, with Carson, in November. Put some of his ashes in the ocean.

An action that might fit well under credits.

Followed by clips of what Jackie shot with her super-8 on horseback day.

To get way ahead of myself.       

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