Monday, September 19, 2016

boots beats BREAKFAST to DOC 1

Tom's room. In pajamas in bed. His opening eyes. He rises out of frame, the wrinkled sheets.

Tom at the desk, opens the blinds to the sun coming up, a fire on the rugged horizon.

The CAT scoots out from under the bed and out of the room.

Tom lifts his suitcase to the bed, opens it, western shirts on top.

Carson in the kitchen, breakfast prep. Boots clicking on Saltillo, nearing.

Tom enters.  New shirt.  How does he like his eggs. Coffee? Pours a mug. Tom asks what time Chloe lands. Funny you ask. Carson lays it out, they'd be back in the early evening. Tom wonders if Chloe would be okay with that. Carson assures him. Tom will call Virginia.

He takes his coffee outside. Carson watches through the window as Tom goes to his spot at the low stone fence at the back of the yard, sets his coffee on it, fishes out a cigarette, lights and smokes it. Holds his mug in the other hand.

Carson butterknifes a dollop of butter into the already hot iron skillet. The butter sizzles and spreads. Carson picks up two eggs from the carton, holds them over and breaks them onto the skillet, stirs, stares out at Tom, who takes a drag from his cigarette.

Virginia in Kerrville, walking with friends. Repeats her earlier support of Tom lengthening his stay. Who knows what tomorrow brings, Tom. Neither of us. Cut to Tom's affirmation - at patio with done-with-breakfast plates and dishes - and closing on when the ashes are supposed to be ready. Meanwhile we see Carson through the window in the dining room, also on the phone. Tom: Alright, well I'll call ya tonight. Love you too.  Carson ends his call approximately simultaneously, comes out to the patio.

C That was my girlfriend. For whatever it's worth, we're going horseback riding tomorrow. We being me girlfriend and Chloe. Jackie, my girlfriend, has a cousin with some horses out past Ruidoso.

T Sounds real nice.

C Should be. It's also the first time Chloe and Jackie will meet.

T Alright.

C Anyway, since I had her on the phone and we were talking about it I asked if there might be another horse, for you, if you were able to stay and wanted to come along. How's Virginia?

T Virginia's real supportive of me stayin' another day. Gotta feelin' she'd be okay with addin' one  more.

Wanda ringtone.

My wife. Hey sweetheart. 

Cut to Wanda, at home, listening, face beaming, happy to hear what's in her ear.

W Where's Ruidoso? - - Well, call me tonight then - - Okay --  Oh and maybe take a picture or two?
-- Okay -- I love you too -- bye bye, baby.

She holds phone, gazes out window at distant mountains.

Tom and Carson on the patio.

Tom puts his phone in his pocket, nods.

C:  Okay then. I have to leave in an hour so it's more home alone until Chloe and I get back in the early evening.

Tom nods.

C: I'll show you how to work the remote in the TV room.   

Tom nods.

Carson motions with his head for Tom to follow and Tom does, into the kitchen and out of view into the house.

Chloe and Barbara in the car. Her suitcase in the backseat.

B Nervous?

Chloe nods.

C But in a way, somehow, I think, maybe, the fact that he wil be there makes meeting Jackie easier. Sort of. And making meeting him easier. Does that make sense.

B Completely. I think everybody will be a little nervous.

C Or a lot.

B Or a lot. Give yourself some points for brave, too.

C Do you think dad is nervous?

B Yes.

C About what is he the most nervous?

B That you won't like his girlfriend.

C Correct.

B You asked him?

Chloe nods.

C But of course I will.

B But of course you will.

C She's got some cool stuff on youtube.

B What kind of cool stuff?

C Like documentary-type stuff.

B Cool.

C Yeah.

Chloe's phone beeps. She checks it.  

C Doh.

B What is it?

C My flight is dee-laid. By an hour and twenty minutes.

B More time with mom at brunch.

C Yay.

She texts.

Better let dad know. 

Barbara stops in traffic, stares at Chloe texting.

Carson driving, stopped at light in Las Cruces. Phone beeps. He checks text. Tosses phone onto passenger seat, drives ahead at the green arrow, making the turn.

Tom home alone. Finds the photo booth photo.

DOC 1.

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