Monday, September 5, 2016

balloon crash dream revisited

How many times have I come back to this one.

I am in a hot-air balloon basket, crash it against the side of a building featuring an opening I can't quite navigate the balloon into.

Bang, fall down go boom. The basket is trashed, the balloon deflated (all "hot air," anyway?) and, while I have fallen maybe ten feet or so, something like that, I am alright.

Then I notice another balloon/basket, up in the sky, much higher than mine had been, closer in fact to the top of the tall building. 

It comes falling from the sky, no collision with the building, just suddenly plummeting, then crashing violently on the asphalt.

(The building I have crashed into is the building in which I work.)

There is a person in the balloon basket, female with dark hair obscuring a good look at her face. A crowd gathers 'round her. Us, after I get close to check her vital signs. No pulse.

After a few occassions of attempting resuscitation by shooting into her the electric arcs that emanate from my fingertips - Shock therapy, anyone? - she finally and slowly comes back to life, from having been dead.

I am exhausted from the effort and walk away a few steps from the scene, the crowd 'round her as she comes-to.  

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