Thursday, July 28, 2016

dream: more adobe abode

this home, again high on a ridge, is chocolate-brown, by itself (no visible neighbors) and beyond it, shown again in "reveal" fashion, is sierra blanca, with the last bit of snow, just a sliver, atop the peak.

tweet: lockhart cafe

i'm here this morning, enjoying a decent espresso and access to wi-fi.

quiet little hole-in-the-wall and a nice spotify station: leonard cohen when i walked in.

the girl working - just us til a minute ago - reminds me of liz rosner.

have made tremendous progress on sam and willow - i need to give that screenplay a name - and, re: boots, nailed the dining room table scene with carson, wanda and virginia.

decided that yes, sam has been driving since his daughter disappeared.

watched a little bit of the life and times of judge roy bean and noticed it was written by john milius, which i was not aware of. anyway, the next night i happened upon a kind of documentary on mr. milius.

last night i watched the shooting (turner classic movies) and enjoyed that.

warren zevon singing carmelita now.

good, strong espresso.

Yi 135: middle name hawaii hawaiian middle name, my blog

remember when I said I could just tell from a glance when someone is following? 

call this a diagnostics test.

the pilot's wife 1: the dream

in the dream, he has arrived back home, literally landing his jet and steering it in - taxi-ing - to behind where she is parked, waiting for him, i guess, to come home.

at any rate, he's landed, she's there waiting, and i am there too.

someone else, as well, a little later,  a man, who tells me they're - the pilot and his wife - will soon be moving.

this is the guy the pilot has been talking to, i guess, while i have been standing behind her car, staring at the peeks at me she keeps sneaking in the rear-view mirror.

look, look away, look, look away.

she keeps checking for me in her rearview mirror.

and i have arrived at the spot behind her car because that is THE SPACE BETWEEN his parked plane and her car.

he is out of the picture, out of my vision, while she and i exchange the eye contact.

at the end i see what is their home, with cartoon-big dark red roses, a burgundy hue, in a garden in front of their home.

and every rose is artificial. fake.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

tweet: texas time

my starbucks. orange juice and this before red line to union station and flyaway to LAX for flight to austin. mom, scrabble, finish boots - virginia and wanda and carson 'round the table, first night - cross the county line for rivertime ritual.

not sure it'll be any hotter than it is here.

what IS the ruth and virginia story? how DID they meet? WHO was it that ruth married out of high school and went to europe with. where is virginia from.

the last piece.

night. decafs all around. the pet dog.  rain against the window. thunder and lightning.

reckon i might take a drive out to kerrville, spot on the river.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Yi 134: more (and more) maltman


interesting to "know" that was coming.

Yi 133: the pilot's daughter 2

maybe a Family member?

that'll suffice, for now.

Yi 132: maltman and venus in gemini

it's a mode-of-communication thing.

Yi 131: Texas Time and finishing Boots

a week of uninterrupted

Legge: The fifth line, magnetic, shows its subject firmly correct, and therefore enjoying good fortune. She ascends the stairs with all due ceremony.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Perseverance brings good fortune. One pushes upward by steps.
Blofeld: Righteous persistence brings good fortune, but the ascent must be made step by step. [This is no time for rushing forward, but for patient plodding.]
Liu: Continuing brings good fortune. Ascend step by step.
Ritsema/Karcher: Trial: significant, Ascending steps.
Shaughnessy: Determination is auspicious. Ascending the stairs.
Cleary (1): Rectitude brings good fortune. Climbing stairs.
Cleary (2): Correctness is good in raising one up the steps.
Wu: Perseverance leads to good fortune. There is ascending by the steps.
Confucius/Legge: She is firmly correct, and will therefore enjoy good fortune. She ascends the stairs with all due ceremony and grandly succeeds in her aim.
Wilhelm/ Baynes: One achieves one's will completely.
Blofeld: Acting thus will lead to the fulfillment of what we will.
Ritsema/Karcher: The great acquiring the purpose indeed.
Cleary (2): The aim is fully attained.
Wu: His aspirations are completely fulfilled.
Legge: In line five the advance has reached the highest point of dignity, and firm correctness is especially called for. "Ascending the steps" may intimate, as Chu Hsi says, the ease of the advance, or according to others (the K'ang-hsi editors among them), its ceremonious manner.
Siu: As he approaches the pinnacle, the man guards against intoxication with success. He steadily advances step by step with the greatest thoroughness and necessary ceremony.
Wing: You are destined to reach your goals through a steady, step-by-step process. Do not let the coming heights of achievement make you heedless or heady with success. Continue in the thoroughness that led you to good fortune.

Yi 130: formerly buckley 1

"In relationship readings, Hexagram 60 is still about setting ground rules: clarifying expectations, making sure you both mean the same thing by the same words, and simply that you understand one another. And once again, this is not optional: you can't assume the other person will just know these things if they're not put into words."

Yi 129: king henry

triplets 2

Yi 128: business before pleasure 4

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yi 127: the maltman matter re-revisited

returned by a dream

Yi 126: home movie 2

Yi 125: home movie 1

I found theirs online - doh, whoops - and know the notion would be introduced.

if only re: production quality.



All around the kitchen table, night. Rain against the window, thunder and lightning. More on Ruth, and Ruth and Virginia.

Carson, in guest room, night calls Jackie, who's editing what she shot on Ruidoso day.

Down by the river, day. Ashes into the current. On Tom and fishing. Brunch?

Scrabble, day. Wanda gets a beep on her phone. Email from Chloe: the photo.

On porch, night. Drips of rain from remnants of storm. Homemade ice cream. Carson on catching a flight from Austin the next day. Virginia will drive him.

Chloe on phone with Carson, night. Wanda sorta eavesdropping in hall. End call. Wanda wants to "talk about the truck."

Carson leaving in Tom's truck, day.


black white brown 3

Yi 124: dream: Wild Night...

...and mutual Shock about it.