Friday, April 15, 2016

Yi 55: Texas Time(out)

two weeks much needcd; I'm on empty.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

pecos 50: from donny at dale's to earl's 2

day. donny at dale's. talks about upcoming hunt with "mom's boyfriend." a little on henry. on the "kokernot k.o." dale tells donny he saw sylvia in van horn. 'passing through." donny tells dale about what happened, news to dale. donny doesn't know jesse drives out to deal to dale. dale is clearly moved but shakes it off, nodding, when donny asks if he's okay. "let's shoot," he says.

donny and susan at home. hunt prep. susan asks about location. more on earl's ranch. Donny will drive to henry's, go to earl's from there. donny's granddad's (susan's late father) deer rifle. donny's nine for (when susan inquires) "rattlesnakes. jackrabbits." a kiss and he's out the door. she comes back, into his room. the meds he left behind. a bible under his bed. a camera-booth four-frame photo, donny and sylvia, happy. 

earl's at night. starry skies. whiskey on the porch. on the hunting tomorrow. up early, breakfast. earl inquires, we learn more about donny's afghanistan experience. wild yipping of coyotes. on the wolves and bears that once roamed the land. josefina watching from inside.  

fancy yellow ATV dream

people piling in for a little off-roading.

quite impressive version of the vehicle, cadillacish.

baby humvee?

anyway, not your stock polaris.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

pecos 49: from lupe monologue to jesse tire slash

theatre night. lupe's monologue to conclude the play. henry seated next to susan. donny with camera. applause.

after. late dinner: susan and henry and donny and lupe. henry invites donny hunting. leaving time, turns out donny's got a room at the holland, as opening night is a special occassion. a broken glass rattles him.  goodnights.

henry dropping off susan, who offers a cup of coffee. henry turns off the engine.

sylvia, motel room. drinking and smoking,  music. looking at jesse's sisters facebook page. picture of jesse, jesse's mom. she turns off her computer, turns to the war muted on the tv.

donny and lupe in their room at the holland. he tells her about the broken glass thing.

susan and henry, smoking on the porch. wine. i think i've had too much to drink to drive home. she agrees. they go inside. inside. she leads him down the hall to her room. she enters, he follows.

day. donny at dale's. donny's going hunting with "mom's boyfriend." dale remembers to tell him he saw sylvia martinez in van horn. donny intrigued. dale shocked to her donny's story about jesse raping sylvia under the football field bleachers. "i didn't know that." dale confesses he had a crush on her in grade school, assures donny he won't tell jesse he told him.

pecos 48: from cat eyes to lupe monologue

night. cat eyes at the cabin.

donny's bad dream. bear trap, then bear.

sunrise. sylvia drive-by, jesse's. dog wakes him in time to see her car driving away. and then speed back by when he's taking a piss. 

henry on the cat tracks, with rifle and dogs and binoculars. comes across torn fabric. shoe prints that lead to boulders. he climbs and gains a view of vast rugged desert, the distant mountains shimmering like a mirage. "glassing" reveals a few mule deer in the distance. he turns around, heading back. a gun shot.

sylvia, practically in disguise, shooting range. pop pop pop.

donny with v.a. psych on phone, catching up, how are things, the meds. susan eavesdrops. 

jesse purchasing a bullet-proof vest. leaves store. 

sylvia swapping cars.

henry at home, theatre night prep. shave and his best at dress-up. stares at himself in the mirror.

susan at home. already dressed up. applying lipstick. stares at herself in the mirror.

sunset. lupe telling her dad about "opening night" as she's leaving for it. donny's going to tape it, so he can watch it. out the door. on dad a moment, who wheels himself to the window in time to watch her get in donny's car and drive away. 

susan's living room. the doorbell. she enters, looking swell. pauses before opening door to henry handsome, his truck in the driveway. "hey there." "hey there."

the theatre. lupe's monologue.

pecos 47: from henry at earl's 1 to cat eyes

day. henry at earl's 1.

susan and lydia at lunch. lydia notices henry, with dogs. susan calls him over. catching up. donny's in school, girlfriend is in a play on the someteenth of october. a date. will call.

night. dale sees sylvia at a gas station in van horn. sylvia not happy - "fuck" - to be noticed, but she remembers dale fondly. some catch up. his army, hers. she's "passing through." throws out "los angeles" when dale asks. leaves.

day. jesse at dale's 2. on donny being back in town, school, his girlfriend is in a play. jesse asks, dale spills. then guess who i saw in van horn last night gets jesse's attention.

henry at earl's. finishing touched on split-rail fence. about a hunt. henry accepts the invitation. asks if he can bring someone along. earl inquires, henry lets him know: donny.

sid at jesse's, on the computer, all he he can find on sylvia is an address in florida, employment as a security guard, and united state army. jesse not amused at sid's suggestion she's coming for him. guess who sid saw with donny in town. so jesse heard.

donny and lupe reading lines "during."

sylvia motel room. street view of jesse's on the computer.

night. henry, cabin. wind. barking and (big) cat eyes in the dark.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Yi 54: My Agent 1

Legge: The fourth line, dynamic, shows its subject solitary amidst the prevailing disunion. But he meets with the good man represented by the first line, and they blend their sincere desires together. The position is one of peril, but there will be no mistake.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Isolated through opposition, one meets a like-minded man with whom one can associate in good faith. Despite the danger, no blame.
Blofeld: After suffering estrangement and loneliness, she met an admirable husband and mutual confidence grew between them -- unpleasantness, but no error! [For those to whom the literal interpretation does not apply, the last six words of the commentary are all that matter.]
Liu: Isolated owing to opposition, he meets a strong man and they associate sincerely. Even though there is danger, no blame.
Ritsema/Karcher: Polarizing alone. Meeting Spring, husbanding. Mingling conforming.
Shaughnessy: Perverse solitude; meeting the prime fellow and interacting returning; danger; there is no trouble.
Cleary (1): Disharmony in solitude; meeting good people, associate sincerely, and though it be trying, there will be no fault.
Cleary (2): The solitude of opposition. Meeting good people, associate sincerely, work hard, and there will be no blame.
Wu: He is isolated because of incongruity. He meets with a man of strength. With mutual trust, there will be no error despite difficult situations.
Confucius/Legge: Their common aim is carried into effect. Wilhelm/ Baynes: The will effects its purpose. Blofeld: What is said about mutual confidence and freedom from error indicates the fulfillment of what is willed. Ritsema/Karcher: Adversity, without fault. Mingling conforming, without fault. Purpose moving indeed. Cleary (2): Associate sincerely, and there will be no blame, for the aim will be carried out. Wu: With mutual trust there will be no error, because his wishes prevail.
Legge: Line four has no proper correlate, and might seem to be solitary. But, as we saw on line one, in this hexagram, correlates of the same class help each other. Hence lines four and one meet together and work with good will and success.
Siu: The man finds a like-minded person among the opposition. They blend their honest desires and achieve a common goal.
Wing: In the midst of opposition and isolation you will find someone with whom you have an inner affinity. A mutual trust can now develop and dangers can be overcome together. This cooperation can lead to significant accomplishments.
Editor: The image is one of an alliance with a kindred spirit during troubled times. Wilhelm and Blofeld render the Confucian commentary in terms of willpower achieving its goal. Psychologically, the image of this line suggests a strong connection between ego and Self during a period of general psychic polarization.
Man's free will arises from the fact that he feels the life in himself as his own, and that God leaves him so to feel in order that conjunction may be effected -- which is not possible unless it be reciprocal, and it becomes reciprocal when man acts from freedom altogether as from himself. Swedenborg -- True Christian Religion
A. Forces in opposition create estrangement and isolation. Association with a strong unifying force creates conditions for resolving the conflict. Despite estrangement and disunion, one has an ally.


Yi 53: my Release (and Mr. Loeb's)

Yi 52: Losing Hope

Legge: The sixth line, dynamic, shows us one to whose increase none will contribute, while many will seek to assail him. He observes no regular rule in the ordering of his heart. There will be evil.
Wilhelm/Baynes: He brings increase to no one. Indeed, someone even strikes him. He does not keep his heart constantly steady. Misfortune.
Blofeld: He did not attempt to benefit them and someone struck him for his inconstancy of heart -- misfortune!
Liu: He benefits no one. Someone will attack him. His mind is not consistent. Misfortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Absolutely-no Augmenting it. Maybe smiting it. Establishing the heart, no persevering. Pitfall.
Shaughnessy: No one increases it, someone hits it; establishing the heart but not making it constant; inauspicious.
Cleary (1): Don’t increase here, or you may be attacked. If determination is inconsistent, that brings misfortune.
Cleary (2): None benefit one here; they may attack one. Do not persist in this attitude, for that would lead to misfortune.
Wu: People do not add to his coffer. They may even assail him. He sets no consistent course of action. Foreboding.

Above 9: Nothing increasing him. Someone beating him. The position of his heart is not steady. Pitfall.
When things come falling from heaven, (-in your lap) it is often because your own attitude summoned them, but only a steady heart can have a real attitude. If you cannot live without plenty, your own fears will chase either the plenty or the joy, as long as you have it, and you will be unhappy when you don’t have it. When your heart feels rich in all circumstances, you will probably end up rich in all senses. You will be what you truly believe. Many poor people cannot become rich, not even when they win the lottery. It is because in their heart they are poor and money cannot change that. Their heart goes an acquired course instead of its own course.
(Changes to hex.3)


Sunday, April 10, 2016

run 2

sp: 5.1

inc: 6, 6.5 at 4 miles

first date 3

Wes spoke of "girding the loins of one's mind," and "the power of righteous consideration," the latter phrase being, per Wes's examples, meditation, basically. He had been a heroin addict in what he referred to more than a couple times as his "previous life" and offered personal examples of dark episodes through which mental and spiritual discipline had aided him.

He differentiated this "mode of  awakeness," as he put it (having "slumbered most of his previous existence"), from prayer - because someone asked when he stopped to take "any questions so far?" -  by suggesting we consider how one's will is utilized in Peter's "girding" versus prayer, when we are seeking enlightenment regarding "his will so that ours may be aligned with it."

That, anyway, was my rudimentary takeaway. Doing one's part, holding up our end of the deal by trying our best, "girding." Wes gave the example of doing the pushups necessary to get stronger, the climbing required to reach the summit, and the homework needed to ace the test.

His limp was not from a tackle on the football field, as I found myself imagining - our preacher as a younger man crashing through linebackers like like a bowling ball through pins - but, rather, from a bullet he'd caught in the back during a drug deal gone bad, worse for two others, for whom Wes shed what seemed genuine tears for a moment before pausing and scanning his audience and nodding.

His eyes seemed to find mine for a moment - he stopped and I was sure that he was staring at me, nodding slowly, even knowingly - and I thought she saw it too because she at that moment placed her hand on mine. That was not the case, however, as she had her eyes on a page in her bible, opened to Corinthians. I stared at her hand. The pale band of skin where her ring had been. What in Corinthians had moved her, if that had indeed been the influence, to lay hers on mine, I wondered.

I found myself suddenly not as interested in Wes's message. I turned my hand on its back like a dog rolling over and took her fingers into mine. She smiled, barely, then brightly, but just for the moment it took for her to look at me and then up at Wes, who was mere sound in my ears until I girded the loins of my mind against the army of images flooding in. "Loins indeed," I thought to myself. She squeezed my hand. I stared at her lips until she looked at me, then I recast my attention at Wes.

tweet: the eight bar

late breakfast after getting off the bus from the westside.

always the same thing: two eggs over easy hash browns wheat toast avacado.

usually i'm having an ipa but this morning their pressed coffee.

i prefer my espressos but it's a start.

i suppose i ought to take a food picture - when in rome - and i remember i never posted the lunch pic to the SLO post.

the masters (golf) is on. cool.

was watching from hawaii last year. they'l be in saratoga springs in july, i think, so new york here i come, at some point.

goes so damn fast.


speaking of which, i need to start numbering my tweets.

looking up to see popovich on another tv. spurs and warriors tonight. dave and i would have talked about it.

in lindsey jean's apartment

with her boyfriend and co-inhabitant, reese, who's an a-okay young man.

yesterday afternoon.


threw today

heavy softball-sized rubber ball, against a wall at stoner park.

was there prepping for a softball game that ended up being cancelled.

had i checked my phone before boarding the 720 i'd have known that.


so i threw for the first time since the last time i did the same thing against the same wall, maybe a couple years ago. the day paul read showed up for his softball game.

got loose enough quickly enough. wind-up mode a few times.

felt good.

good enough to ponder. how much can an arm lose? what difference does physically bigger and stronger make? ridiculous, of course, but i have by now provided ample evidence to my adoring followers that i am fully capable in that regard.

how old was satchel paige when last he pitched in the major leagues?

and all i'm talking about remaining college eligibility.

silly me.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

pecos 46: meeting henry, revisited

Henry, 50. We meet him staring at the ceiling from the top bunk in a jail cell at night. We hear the click-clack of hard heels on linoleum, nearing, the jangling of keys, the opening of a heavy door, footsteps closer, the clanging shut of the door, the footsteps stopping, an authoritative voice commanding:  "Diaz, Henry Aaron, roll it up!" 

Henry rolls out of frame, we hear his feet landing. The sheet and mattress yanked from frame, revealing the cellmate on the lower bunk, hands folded behind his head propped on a pillow. He says You behave now.

Henry (o.s.): You too, horse.


Henry walking away from the jail, toward us. Jeans, work boots, unbuttoned long-sleeve over t-shirt. ballcap. backpack over one shoulder.

Stopped by Sheriff's squad car when he meets the street. The two sheriffs are headed out for duty. A conversation.

S1: How's the hand?

H: Alright.   

S2: Where ya headed.

H: Downtown.

S2: L-A?

Henry nods. 

S1: Long walk.

H: Metrolink leaves East Ventura station at five-twenty-five.

S 2: Pretty good hike.

H: What, twelve miles? Four miles and hour gets me there with time to read the paper.

A CALL COMES IN ON THE RADIO, possible homicide on west telegraph.

S1: First pitch fastball down the pipe.

S2: Gotta run. Be good, Diaz.

They jet off.

Henry walks into the night, swallowed by it. 


pecos 45: EARL'S RANCH 1

*re: pecos 44: when Sylvia checks into the motel in van horn we see her when she pulls onto the main drag (w. broadway street) and pulls into one of the many motel parking lots.

cut to registration. she'll be here awhile, how should I pay?    

[then to: Donny, susan, dinner conversation.]



Henry building a deck for Earl, under Earl's semi-supervision, helped by JESUS, 14, Mexican National Team soccer jersey, who follows Henry's directions, given in Spanish. Mention of a split-rail fence Earl has been considering. Henry's down with that.

Earl's wife JOSEFINA, 50, streaks of grey in her hair, watches through a window from the center island in the kitchen, with ANA, 30, Jesus's mother, readying a meal of tacos, rice and beans, avocado, radishes. Both women have their eyes on Henry, a sturdy representation of sweaty virility.   

On Henry's history. Grew up in Albuquerque. Earl remembers that Henry's mother is (dead) Wade's "sister he talked about a couple times." On Henry's "dad."

On hunting. (A change of subject.) There are mule deer ("mulies") and javelina on his considerable spread. Hacienda-type layout. Texican. Handsome, rugged terrain. Think about it.

Think about what?



Josefina comes out, lunch is ready.


(A WEEK LATER, during the hunt, Earl asks Henry why Henry never asked whether or not Jesus is Earl's grandson. Henry replies none a my business. And I figured you probably would've told me if he is. Earl nods, drunker than Henry.

The stars big and bright.  

It's the two of them around a fire, night. Jesus asleep nearby. 

Earl talks about how he met Josefina, their history. Jesus, NOT asleep, listens as if it's all new history. Ana is Josefina's daughter, born well before Earl met her. On Jesus's father.  

Earl tells a war story.

Yip of the coyotes.)

beautiful young woman strung out near starbucks

my starbucks. half-hour ago.

and quite young. still a girl. don't know for sure but fifteen wouldn't surprise me. probably older.

dressed in what at first seemed to me in some sort of anime(?) "outfit," but not, when I got closer.

satiny bellbottomish pantaloons, dragging on the sidewalk, dirty. blouse with a red price tag hanging down the back.

milk chocolate skin, soft afro. beautiful.

decided "strung out" as I approached and sensed a kind of listless lastingness. not fully engaged but, it seemed, making an attempt to pass.

and maybe standing still the best choice.

I don't know.

don't even know that it's heroin, she'd likely be nodding, besides which there's so much shit on the street you can't keep up. some opiod, anyway.

layman's street diagnosis.

back to me as I passed, she was facing the ivy wall.

I continued to 9th but turned back and saw that she had walked to the curb, facing the street.

I stopped and stood and said loud enough so that she would hear, be careful. and more telling her than suggesting.

she flinched toward me, her head - she heard me - but stopped, and I don't know if it it was because I had snapped her out of a daze, or if she knew exactly what I said but chosen rapidly - instinct learned the hard way - to not look at me.

I asked are you okay?

no response. I stared until she looked at me.

be careful. godbless.

she almost sort of smiled, a light coming up from low dim, and asked, syrupy, medicated, where are you going?

to work. be careful.

I think she was trying her best to.

a lamb for the wolves. what of the parents. how did she get there. where will she go.

then no longer wanting to think about it.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Yi 51: my high-wire act dream

actually, not a wire so much as a narrow metal pipe-like "bridge" over grand avenue, high enough that to fall would mean death or at least serious injury. (i'd be "on the street.")

narrow as in less than the width of my feet - I am barefoot, btw - with an arc to it, the highest point in the middle.

I am near that point - this dream at least a few years ago - and carefully making my way across, away from work to the other side.

repeat: AWAY from work to The Other Side.

I should add that I am watching myself make the crossing from my position on the other side and down the hill about, north of the "wire."

I make it across, with a little flair at the end, as the end of the other side includes a little whoop-de-doo, off of which I leap the few feet to the ground.


from there the lengthy dream continues. I think it's posted somewhere in this blog. after some this-and-that and wading through a fancy hotel pool, I arrive at a triathlon transition area - bikes are set up waiting for their riders - and the run is the next day (i'll have to wait for the final stage) and will take place in the area across the street, this area very reminiscent of rolling green hills and oak trees; I am reminded of the central california coast.    

pretty. bodes well.

but I wanted to revisit the high-wire angle.


sam 2

his hand. that ring and cuff.

SLOW WIDE reveal:

sam, driving pickup...

hauling a horse trailer...

with a horse...

on a remote highway flanked by mountains with snow on their peaks.

sound: engine and merle haggard: never swim kern river again.

phone call. sam clicks off the radio. answers.

let's us know where he is.  

where he'll sleep tonight.

when he expects to be "there."

something about a price and a "palomino."

end call.

turn on radio: emmylou harris: tulsa queen.


that old guy

i'll be the man who
walks into town with
his dogs and a camouflage backpack.

they'll call me that old guy
who drives that cool pickup
and kills the casino at blackjack. 

i'll be the man who
lives out by the lake in
a trailer in a stand of old oaks.  

they'll call me that old guy
who shows up at the hot springs
and smokes and reads while he soaks.

i'll be the man who
lets his beard bushel but
never his arteries harden.  

they'll call me that old guy
who rides that schwinn cruiser    
and grows his own in his garden.

i'll be the man who
never got married to
the one woman he thinks of each day.    

they'll call me that old guy
who moved out from the city
or so they thought they heard someone say.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yi 50: What is Love (to Yi)?

dream: harrassed by mr. meixner

even slight wrestling.

he's my "worry" personified.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

cleveland in the house

Said house being Dublin's, last Friday.

The Cavaliers were on the TV above and in front of us, seated center-counter.

I sized him as about my age. Turned out to be a couple years younger.

Don't recall how exactly it got started, maybe me asking if he remembered Foots Walker.

Then it was on, the trip down Cleveland Pro Sports Lane.

He was of course surprised that I, from Orange County, California, knew as much (if not more) as he did. It was the baseball knowledge that knocked him off his stool.

I remembered Kuiper, Manning, Brohamer, others. It was Brohamer that shook him up. I explained that when I was a kid in Costa Mesa, the local paper, the Daily Pilot, kind of kept tabs on Brohamer, who'd grown up and played high school baseball in Huntington Beach, then drafted and soon enough in The Bigs. Being a local kid, the Pilot kept track of him, little notes here and there.

We talked old days Indians and Cavs and Browns. I pulled out Austin Carr, Cazzie Russell, Leroy Kelly, Brian Sipe, Ozzie Newsome, Joe Charbonneau (sp?), a couple others.

He didn't remember the wife swap. (Google Mike Kekich and/or Fritz Peterson.)

I mentioned my week in Cleveland with Jill, her mom's place in Shaker Heights, remembered The
Flats, the Browns pre-season game at old Municipal Stadium, the drive that included stops at Kent State and Columbus, the day on the lake (Cedar Point/Sandusky), this and that and a few other things.

His name is Rick, in town for a writers' conference, the mention of which turned the discussion to things literary. For whatever reason, I mentioned Joyce Carole Oates; turned out she was at the conference. Rick said she is "intimidating." I don't recall pursuing that.

Anyway, the most recent of great conversations at Dublin's. 


boots 139: diner: finer print

booth in diner. tom and wanda across from each other. his hat on a hook. her purse in her lap.  

big window to sidewalk and street. wyoming plates. truck framed front and center.

remnants of dinner - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad - on plates pushed to the aisle. glasses of iced tea. laramie newspaper stacked loose near the window.

tom's in the crossword, hovering pencil and hawk-like focus.

wanda's got her device-pad open, hawaii homework.

waiter comes by, obscures tom and wanda while he picks up plates.

he leaves.

tom re: clue: "patio and pineapple island."

wanda re: lanai.

on itinerary: luau. cruise. surfing lessons?

waitress, a cowgirl. more iced tea? sally. a student. boyfriend in sheridan.

on (the) rodeo.

on wanda's upcoming medical procedure (that keeps her from going with tom when he leaves). (cyst removal.)

DING DING and "order up" pulls sally away.

wanda and tom up. he fishes a twenty from his wallet, drops it on table. they leave. 


waiter swoops in for glasses, wipes down the table. leaves as:

tom and wanda get into the front-and-center truck. he opens her door, hand on her back as she sits, comes around to driver's side.

backs it up, drives out of frame.

DOOR BELL and, shortly thereafter, a family of four assumes the booth.

a car with wyoming plates takes the space tom's truck had been in. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

pecos 44: from balmorhea

balmorhea. day. donny and lupe make a splash. diving board and deep end. skin and tattoos. a kiss.

susan at lunch with friend, who asks about henry. do you worry about ending up alone?

henry home improvement. dog house? or structure away from cabin.

donny and lupe consummation. sunset.

jesse w/gf @ sister's quinceaƱera. snickers re: "kokernot k.o." jesse almost ruins sister's party.

sylvia arrive van horn motel.

susan and donny at home. on sul ross. has a plan, sort of. pounds a beer, crushes the can, shoots and scores into a basket full with empties. time for meds. what each pill is for. follow-up calls with psych at v.a.


Monday, April 4, 2016

first date 2

We arrived a little early and sat in the back row. It was her church but still new to her; she'd "met people but not really talked to anyone yet." We sat in silence but for the murmur of the growing crowd, crowded enough so that we were, by the time the preacher came to the microphone, squeezed together, my right side pressed against hers.

She kept her purse in her lap and bible in her hands rested upon it. Her perfume, which I had not detected outside Starbucks or in her car, was something close to lavender. Perhaps it was her soap or shampoo. Her eyes scanned the crowd; I looked at her hands and stared at the paler band of skin where her wedding ring had been.

The preacher, a bald man, forty-something, in jeans, boots, untucked western-style shirt that fit snug over his linebacker's torso, stepped to the microphone with the slightest of limps. The chorus of chatter subsided. She leaned in close and, looking straight ahead, whispered "that's Wes." I nodded and deduced that yes, the lavender was in her hair. Wes scanned the room, smiling, nodding. He asked us to "please stand." We stood.

dream: carole and i at a table

I am viewing Us from the other end of a large space with dining booths along the left side of the wall.

the ceiling is high, the room bright with natural light - big windows high on the wall - and airy.

on "viewing us": caroles faces my POV, she is looking at "me" across the table. "my" back is to my POV.

kind of out-of-bodyish, I guess. 

the walls are a kind of mint color, very light. with light jade tones as trim, and around the booths.

a very fancy place, maybe a grand hotel, but it's only the two of us at the booth at the far end.

very brief. I can't here what they're/we're saying. 

maybe nothing at that moment.     

more aural/visual synchronicity

yesterday, "save."

word in a song in the background as my eyes found the save key.

hardly as loud as per usual but, combined with Saturday's "tomorrow," a back-to-backness worthy of mention.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

new era: run 1

all runs (unless otherwise noted) uphill treadmill one hour.

speed: 5.1

incline: 5.5%, 6 @ 5:00, 6.5 @ 12:00, 7 @ 19:00, 7.5 @ 55:00


Yi 49: how am i most like aaron sorkin?

related "how am i" 16
yes. fishing. and a fine filet to begin my day.

Yi 48: her dog's death


Saturday, April 2, 2016

tweet: SLO day

but slo brew is closed, moving to higuera street.

so have found the grill house.

quiet seating in back, a few televisions.

my eyes pick women's college softball (alabama vs. florida) over nascar truck racing and college hoops pre-game.

'bama blonde girl named kelly just went deep, pulled line-drive down the line in left.

(am reminded of the "betty cooper" home run dream.) (and - this is is odd - a band that reminds me of craic haus is on the sound system now.)

speaking of florida and alabama, i have been here.

waiting for chicken sandwich.

have started with the goleta-brewed m. special ipa. it's good enough.

will try the mission shipwrecked double ipa before heading back to the station.

a "tomorrow" aural-visual synchronicity. always cool. (sound was the word in a song.  the televisions are muted, the word in an ad.)

beautiful day in town, plenty of ped's making for foot traffic.

food photo later.


girls giggling on the train
young women i should say
chattering flowers seated together
a bubbling bouquet

up to santa barbara
state street here they come
brunch and ogling louis vuitton
gabana shades against the sun

they remind me if i let them
of the dear and darling daughter
i retrieved that day in may
from the goddamned bloody water.

sam 1

CLOSE ON a quarter-full fifth of a liquor made golden by a beam of sunlight through it next to an empty shot glass on a darkwood table. The label on the liquor is turned away. Beyond is a painting, fuzzy but perhaps a rendering of an old hacienda.

A bottle of beer is dropped into frame by the rugged hand holding it. A silver and turquoise pinky ring. The cuff of a plaid flannel shirt.

This hand releases the bottle of beer, picks up the bottle of liquor, fills the shot glass, picks it up, lifts it out of frame, then, after two beats, puts it down empty.

Picks up the bottle of beer, same travel as the shot glass.

We hear the guzzle and final gulp.

The hand places the empty bottle of beer back on the table, with some authority.


A few beats before the hand drops a twenty onto the table.


WOMAN'S VOICE (near): Thanks, Sam.

SAM (o.s., farther away): You behave.

Her hands enter frame to retrieve the twenty and begin to clear the table.

WOMAN'S VOICE (at the table): I'll try. You too.


Her hands clear the table, wipe it down, leave frame.


Yes, a hacienda, and distant mountains, purple.