Thursday, March 31, 2016

picking her up

cold morning on the mountain.
coffee and dogs into the truck.
about an hour's drive to jackson.
baby's flying in, picking her up. 

clouds holding snow over the valley.
moose on the road taking his time.
geese flying south right on schedule.
jackknifed big rig in the way of mine.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

boots 138: fade in: square dance final


SOUND OF FIDDLE, bow across string. starting a square dance tune.



16 couples, all senior citizens, in four groups of four couples on the dance floor laid atop the basketball court. They are all festive in parade-worthy square dance garb. They tap their toes and sway and jig to the fiddle, the sound of which comes from the speakers next to the turntable operated by THE CALLER, 60-something, at a table near the dance floor. 

He has a microphone in his hand.

A boy and his dog stand in an open doorway.

Laramie Lancers and a knight on a horse painted on a wall above bleacher seating.

Sports championship years painted on the opposite wall. 

The caller brings the microphone to his mouth and begins the call.

CALLER:  And join your hands and circle left jig... 

He leads the dancers through various steps - swings, promenades, do-si-dos, courtesy turns, allemandes, rolls away with half-sashays - as we CLOSE ON the swirling dresses, shiny belt buckles and boots, cowboy hats and dolled-up hair, smiles and eyeglasses.

We meet and follow a particular couple, TOM and WANDA, 70-somethings. He could pass for the Marlboro Man in winter. Wanda's saloon beauty conjures Miss Kitty from the old TV western, Gunsmoke.

Tom in new jeans, shiny cowboy boots, rodeo-style western pearl-snap button-up, bolo tie, cowboy hat, silver belt buckle featuring two turquoise horseshoes.   

Wanda puts wind in a gingham dress.

They way they smile and can't take their eyes off each other, you'd think they were in love.

They swing each other toward camera. Glimpses of wedding rings as they circle through, up close, then pass out of frame, another couple coming toward us.

THE DING OF A BELL that signals a door opened.


dream: carole on a skateboard

I see her, downtown, turns into an alley, skates (away) toward the street, turns, but POOF, gone into thin air.

pink ponytail, now on a skateboard.

and in both I am seeing her from behind.

she does not see me.


the roses

i'm traipsing through the garden,
nosey about the roses,
wondering which of them might bloom

rather than whither and harden,
a not uncommon prognosis,
in the simple vase in my room.

i inquire often of my guide,
what can be known about them,
so as to make the proper choice

about which rose to bring inside,
how best to clip its stem,
how to keep its purple petals moist.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Yi 47: more two of a kind: gold keys and palm trees revisited

in the first (that I recall) two-of-a-kind dream, I dug my hands into the rich, dark soil in the large planters that supported two palm trees.

bright light of day

I dug a gold key out of each planter; one key was larger (or smaller) than the other.

I knew I had what I'd always wanted and danced away, singing, gleeful, happier than I'd ever been in my life.

this dream was several years ago.

but I am reminded - it's the "twin palms" - of more recent one. 


Yi 46: following my heart


pecos 40: to Balmorhea SPLASH

[meet Earl @ cabin.]


Susan awake, knocks on Donny's door. He's asleep but muttering to himself, twitching. Empty cans. War game still on, players killing and being killed. She steps into his bathroom: the hefty supply of prescription meds. A quarter-joint on the sink. She is startled when she hears:

DONNY(o.s.): Hey. Hey you.  

Susan steps back into the bedroom. Donny has turned onto his side, still asleep, but speaking.

DONNY: What do you want? What are you doing on this side?   

Then nothing as she stares at him. When he snores she leaves the room. A tank rolls through the battle zone on the big-screen, coming straight at us before it is rocked by an explosion underneath it.

Sylvia asleep. The TV shows a satellite image of a storm making its way across a land form, swirling and gathering. A vibrator next to the gun on the headstand. 10:11 on the clock. 

Her sleep seems hardly peaceful, her face betraying inner turmoil. She flails an arm as if at something.

KNOCKING ON THE DOOR finally opens her eyes wide, as if unsure of her location. She does the math, then is quick to the door, naked, to put her gun its case.


WOMAN(o.s.):  Room service.

SYLVIA: (dressing quickly.) Coming. Coming. give me a minute.

WOMAN(o.s.): It's past ten, ma'am, it's time for -

SYLVIA: I know what fucking time it is, now give me a goddamn minute, bitch!


Susan gardening, pulling weeds. Sound of door opened shut. Donny comes around the corner of the house. He's in shorts, sandals, faded "Alpine Football" t-shirt, ballcap, smoking a joint.

DONNY: Mornin'.

SUSAN: (stopping) Afternoon.  

DONNY: Is it?

He checks the sun's straight-above position in the sky.

SUSAN: Not by much. Howdja sleep?  

DONNY: A little. 

He holds up the joint.

(cont'd) I think this helps.  

SUSAN: Yeah?

She stands.

DONNY: I know it don't hurt.

She gives him a look.

(cont'd) Doesn't, hurt.

She smiles. Kisses his cheek. He gives her a hug, which she embraces.

SUSAN: Plans?

DONNY: Plans?

SUSAN: For the day. 

DONNY: Oh. Yeah. Matter a fact. We're gonna go to Balmorhea.

SUSAN: Well, I'm a little jealous. 

DONNY: You wanna come?

SUSAN: I'm kidding.

DONNY: Come on, mom. You know you wanna jump off the diving board.

SUSAN: I knew that would join the list of unforgettable moments.  

DONNY: Is that so bad?

SUSAN: (beat) No. It is not.

She pulls the bill of his cap down. He pulls it back up, takes a toke off the joint, offers it to her, she shakes her head.

(cont'd) And, I am only suggesting consideration of the possibility of episode if mister next-door-neighbor gets a whiff of that and decides to call the police.

Donny snuffs out the joint on the sole of his sandle, pokes it into the earth of Susan's garden.

DONNY: Excellent advice that I will follow. Sorry and thanks for the heads-up.

She kisses his cheek.

SUSAN: Thank you.

DONNY: Forgot where I was.

We hear his PHONE RING. He pulls it out of a back packet, looks at it.

DONNY: Lupe.

He answers.

Hey there.

Cool cool, it'll take my five to get ready and ten to be there.

(looks at Susan, who has resumed pulling weeds.)

Pulling weeds.  

She looks up at him.

I begged and pleaded, she said no.

Well, it ain't like we won't be going there again. Maybe next time she'll come along with her friend Henry.

Susan shakes her head.

I'll tell you about him on the drive.

K. You mind if we take yours, by the way?

Cool. Hey. You okay?

You just sound a little different. Everything okay at work.


See you soon.

He puts phone back in pocket.

Lupe asked if you wanted to come.

SUSAN: I heard. That's sweet.

DONNY: She's alright.

SUSAN: I'm sure she's more than alright.

DONNY: You're right.

SUSAN: Drive safe and have a good time.

DONNY: Love you.

He kisses her forehead. 

SUSAN: I love you too, kiddo.

DONNY: Be back tonight.

SUSAN: Okey-dokey. 

She watches him go around the corner of the house and out of view. A shadow crosses the yard, drawing her eyes to the hawk gliding above then out of frame.


Sylvia on the road again.


Splash. Donny and Lupe swim and frolic.


And time-out from Pecos while I type Boots into final.

dream: more Karen and baby

I'm, like, laying down on my back, on the floor, looking up to see the reveal of a baby's face peeking over the edge of the bed, looking at me, smiling.

Then a different view - like I've sat or stood up - and watching Karen scurry 'round toward the other side of the bed, holding a towel to cover herself. 

The end.

I had this dream a couple weeks ago and it was only through skimming over old posts that landed me on a previous karen and baby dream, which I'd forgotten. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016

pecos 39: meet Earl.

[from Lupe dancing at the club in El Paso. And it is a STABBING (not a shooting) that interrupts the action.]

And nevermind Henry's employment at the auto shop, for now.


Henry, working outside, is drawn to the front of the cabin by the dogs' barking. A truck approaches. A man in a cowboy hat at the wheel. Rifle in the rack across the rear window. Henry has his nine in the back of the waist of his jeans, tucking in his t-shirt. 

Henry throws a long leash on the dogs.

The man stops the truck some distance away, turns off the engine, sticks his head out the window.

EARL, 70, big beard and mustache.

E Hello there!

H Howdja get in the gate?

E Opened the lock.

H How did you know the combination?

E Randy gave it to me. Is he around?

Henry sizes things up.

H Stoppit!

The dogs cease barking and look to Henry for further instructions.

(cont'd) Down.

They sit.


Over beers at the dining room table Henry catched Earl up on Randy. Earl had driven out because he hadn't heard from Randy in awhile. E also a veteran of Vietnam. Has a "little ranchette out toward Presidio," Randy used to come out, hunt. Conversation leads to E wondering about Henry's employment. Henry says he was beginning to think about that, maybe a mechanic. E happens to have a little project at home that maybe Henry could help with. E asks about the nine Henry has laid out in plain site.

H Rattlesnakes.

Ed nods.

'E Bout near damn ever'where seems like these days.   

The tilting back of beer cans.

Henry asks about the rifle.

EARL Mexicans. Kiddin. That's a joke. Wife's Mexican. I just keep it there. I gotta couple acres to drive around on, run into a mulie here and there. But I got something a little like yours under the seat. Then again, who don't. You put in that deck? I could put you to work. But you're welcome to come out anytime. 

H Another beer?

E I'd love another beer, Henry.

Henry leaves into the kitchen. Ed eyes Henry's gun.


She walks by Donny's mostly closed door, stands, listens, knocks lightly.

Donny? You awake? 

She slowly opens the door, peeks in.

not that jaq

doh. whoops.
not that jaq.
lil' too late
to take that back.

matter a fact
this jaq's black
like jackie brown,
roberta flack. 

now she knows.
outta the sack.
or straight to it.
that's up to jaq. 

or is it not that, jaq?


Friday, March 25, 2016

to-do list


give thanks.

feed cats.

get dressed.

check email.


walk dogs.

feed dogs.





(unless it's a powder day, in which case schedule change.)


check email. read news.



call mom.

lay down.

get up.

dinner. beer.


watch movie.

check email.





give thanks.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yi 44: The Lifeguard

We met in the spring, had a brief fling (that she ended).

I was about to begin my U.C. Irvine chapter.

Five years later, when I was about to leave to begin my Bay Area chapter, she called, asked if I'd like to meet.

And we met, at Dolores (no longer there) on Santa Monica Boulevard, one weekend afternoon. Dolores is - was - right down the street from where we first made contact, at the Nuart.

After Dolores, we walked back to her car, where she asked, "would you like to see me again?"

Yes, I said, but I can't, I continued, and told her about the move I was about to make.

And so we parted ways, after basically making out for a few minutes right there on the sidewalk.

Not so long later, she got the gig that made her quite well-known, on a TV show the world knows about, though I have not seen a single episode, other than brief glances when I have bumped into it while channel-surfing.

Not really sure why she crossed my mind today, but she did, and a question occurred to me related to why she wanted to see each other again after five years apart.

yeah. it gets my attention.

first date 1

We went to church, hers, for our first date.

Well, our first date in thirty years.

I took the train down, she picked me up, we drove to a Starbucks, sat outside. She had a tall drip, I had a double-espresso. She wore a light blue dress and cream pumps that matched her purse.

Pearl necklace and a small pearl dangling from each earlobe. Her straight brown-blonde hair with streaks of grey stopped at her shoulders. No makeup.

I wore new jeans, brown belt and wingtips, yellow long-sleeve button-up with collar, and brought along a blue sweater that I left in the backseat of her car, with her bible.

We weren't there long, as my train had been late and we had to get to the service by noon. It was the first day of July and already eighty-something.  

We had met online - re-met, she found my blog - and we'd exchanged a few emails, in the last of which she wondered if I'd be interested in going to church with her, and then lunch after. I took the train from Union Station to Tustin. She lives in Orange. Her church is in Fullerton.

pecos 38: sylvia motel to henry job interview

[ from sylvia arrive motel houston. night.]

1. jesse at mom's, sis's quinceaƱera prep.

2. donny drops off sylvia. you owe me a war story. meet sylvia's dad, couch, tv.

3. henry on deck with dogs. beer. stars at night. far-off headlights. wind. 

4. susan at home. donny arrives. his meds. how's lupe? smell like weed. want some? I'm fine, going to bed, plans for tomorrow? school. 

5. jesse home. surprise visit from gf, vickie, early release. she has cocaine. and - surprise - a friend along. what happened to your eye, baby.

6. sylvia motel room. porn on tv. music from device. scotch and cigarettes. her new gun. 

7. donny. beer and weed and war gaming. headphones. three in the morning. susan wakes, watches, unbeknownst to donny. back to bed.  

8. lupe at work, dance club in el paso. a gunshot. someone down. dance over. 

9. henry mechanic job interview. day.

Nurse #1

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

pecos 37: from OBSERVATORY to Sylvia Arrive Motel

Donny and Lupe the observatory, night.


Sylvia arrives at motel, night.

Drives into lot, we from rain. Houston skyline.

She parks and goes into the registration office.

Interior motel room, dark, footsteps approaching from outside. Sylvia opens the door, stands in the doorway, turns on the light, closes the door. Suitcase on bed, gun case on table.

She locks the deadbolt, leaves the room. 

Faint siren fades away. 

Sound of bath started.  

dream: j sez (lies): "clodagh's dead."

a note, small yellow pad, on mom's kitchen counter.

something about clodagh, but I'm not sure. like: she had called.

a time, I think.

then j enters, says matter of factly.

"clodagh's dead."

i am stunned and moved into a tumble.

then get up, mom is moving toward me, stops.

ponder, then notice the look on j's face, in his eyes.

telltale giveaway, and know it's another untruth he's telling.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

pecos 36: OBSERVATORY doodle

Donny and Lupe at the Observatory. Night.

passing a joint in donny's jeep.

D: where do you get this shit?'
L: the club.
what club?
where I work.
what work?
dance, in el paso.
ever see anybody you know?
jesse ramirez comes in once in awhile. remember him?

donny nods.

does he bother you?
no. he deals.
deals what?
oxy. methadone. so tell me a war story.
you wanna hear a war story.
yeah. do you mind?
i've got a few. any particular variety? damn this is strong weed.
northen cali.
better than my meds.
what meds?

he lists the list and what they treat: sleep disorder. anxiety. etc.

she tells him he can take some weed home if he wants. he accepts.


he laughs. she asks why. he explains why he's not entirely "suitable."

on the therapy at the v.a. in big spring. 

a shooting star streaks across the sky .

did you see that?
i saw that.

he senses something. turns to look, sees on security golf cart approaching. kills the joint, flicks it away.

security stops by, checks it out. a-ok.

she'd better get home.
works tonight. needs to feed dad before she goes.

they leave.


[when he drops her off, she tells him you still owe me a war story.] 


jesse trap shooting with buddy.

another question about his face. another story.

their discussion about an upcoming deer hunt with "business associates."

a murder-suicide in the pistol area.

someone, startled, shoots himself in the foot.


donny, having just had lunch with susan, meets (guada)lupe in the pool hall.

catching up and a game of pool. lupe basically runs the table.

wanna go to the observatory?


henry at the river with the dogs, truck pulled off the road.  

phone call from cousin charles. henry surprised he has reception. (foreshadowing, anyone?) let's us know where he is, "exploring my big backyard." state troopers and border patrol cruise by, men in custody. dogs in passenger seats. 


susan arrives home.

donny's meds in mail. an ample supply. jesse drives by.  


sylvia on the road.

driving. I-10. dark thrash metal, "to 11." signage: miles to houston.


henry driving though terlingua

mechanic wanted sign. but shop closed. he enters the number in his phone. drives on.


donny and lupe at the observatory. sunset.

parking lot. smoking out. a war story. she has to be at work, dance club in el paso. "jesse comes in sometimes. do you remember jesse?" donny nods. "he deals."



Carole pink ponytail (dream)

that's about it.

I see her from behind.

and more brightly-dressed than usual. a white skirt with different-colored dot-like pattern, but too distant to discern clearly.

plain blouse, a color, brighter than usual.

festive, generally. spring?

she's walking.

and hair pulled back in a tail, heavily-highlighted pink.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sh'i and I

Sh'i and I were virtually
what we were not in fact.
In fact we weren't even we,
nothing there to keep intact.

Sh'i and I were ships at sea,
passing slowly in the night, 
or so I imagined us to be
until I woke to morning's light.

Sh'i and I were clinically
something of a conflagration,
finally burning itself free
from the fire of my imagination.

Sh'i and I were meant to be
a lie I told and then believed 
so that it might finally dawn on me
how foolish are the self-deceived.

pecos 34: meet sylvia/jesse gun club


Sylvia purchases her handgun. Exchange with clerk let's us know she's a security guard and ex-army.


Parking lot. Florida plates. Sylvia comes out from store with gun (in case), walks to car, puts it in the trunk, gets in, drives out of lot into street and traffic.

Sound of GUNSHOT, a pause, then ANOTHER.


Jesse trap shooting.

the i ching blues

one can barely help but notice
when the answers tend to trend,
and one's wondering goes wandering
a bit beyond the distant bend.

add one's hopes for happiness
and willingness to suspend
disbelief and there's the peril
of playing too much make-pretend.

"pedroia traded to yankees" dream

saw the headlines in the papers. black and white.

didn't - somehow couldn't - access the details, would have to wait.

couldn't believe it.

a story you might see in the paper on the first of april.

these things don't happen. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Yi 43: how am i winning?


found fortune 25

300 s. grand steps 

I can barely help it:

more found feather(s)

grand avenue hill (up from 5th)

pecos 43: wabbit season revisited: HENRY/DONNY BRKFST to MEET SYLVIA

Wabbit season does NOT take place the morning after the night Donny has spent at Henry's.

Donny sleeps in, his best night of sleep in awhile, by the way, waking to the sizzling of Henry making breakfast. Donny fuzzy on a dream he can't quite remember. Damn meds. About his meds.

Jesse. Dealing. Double-wide in the desert. Asked about his face as he's leaving. Tells a different lie. But the oxy-lover knows different, suggests Jesse lookup "Kokernot K-O" on youtube, shuts door. We hear the deadbolts locking. State trooper rolls by, slowly. Jesse into his truck, drives out of frame.

Donny into his jeep at Henry's, leaving. Invited back anytime. Donny advises Henry to keep his head on a swivel when in town. 

Susan at the shelter, surprised by Donny, who draws the steady attention of Susan's two 20-something female assistants. Off to lunch.

Jesse in a parking lot watching the youtube clip in which Henry drops him. He gets a call, someone asking if he's seen the video yet. Jesse sits, seething.

Meet Sylvia, buying a gun. 

boots 137: fade in square dance revisited


a fiddle starts a square dance tune.

fade in.

int. h.s. gymnasium - dusk

a dozen couples, all between 60- and 70-something, on a square dance floor laid atop the basketball court, tapping toes and wiggling hips to the fiddle, waiting for the 60- or 70-something man man standing at a table with a microphone to begin the call.

the fiddle comes from the 45 spinning on the turntable near the man with the microphone.  

all dancers are in garb for the occasion, making for a colorful medley of dresses and boots and cowboy hats and belt buckles and hair styles. 

Laramie Lancers painted on one of the walls above bleacher seating.

sports teams championship years painted on another.

a boy and his dog watch from an open double-doorway.  

the man with the microphone begins the call and leads the dancers through circles right and left, promenades, swinging of partners, et cetera, introducing us to a flowing montage of smiles and eyeglasses and held hands, coming together, moving apart.

"...swing your partner round and round..."

tom and wanda swing into closeup, beaming at one another, 

"...and turn that corner upside down..."

they swing out of frame.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Yi 42: Following feathers

text by Hilary Barrett

more indoor feather

my elevator lobby, again.

leaking pillows.



Tuesday, March 15, 2016

dream: healing dying horse

when I come across it, it's got one leg (rear left) on the ground, extended from where it's standing in the bed of a pickup truck.

then it falls on its back to the ground, unable to move from that position.

I guide it onto its side, requiring some force.

I notice a long and deep cut along its belly from at least as high as between its front legs.

injured in river crossing.

I stroke its head as it seems to nearing death. it's practically crying. it is crying and seeking and holding my eye contact.

seems to be in its death throws.

but makes a miraculous recovery.

I see it walking away, "youthenized," a colt again, and being led off by a girl. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

santa clarita weekend

dropped into dublin's friday night, their first back in business.

and back in saturday for one before catching the train, arriving at via princessa 6:30-ish.

to the ranch to drop off clayton's truck, so as to make it an uber evening

to his "new favorite spot," a buffalo wild wings, for a cold one, then to a place called all-star sports grill (or something like that), where I met his friend (and present boss) jeff, a cool dude who was already spinning sideways.

cool despite the fact that the first words to me were "don't cross your legs like that, you look gay."   

from there we (jeff included) took an uber to a place called mabel's road house, "loose and easy" a fitting description. (one senses "sloppy" might also make the occasional cameo.) (more than occasionally.)  

decent band playing covers. (shitty audio mix strangled the vocals.)

back to the ranch (double-wide in a 150-unit spread off soledad canyon, backed up to the dry santa clara river) for sleeptime, already into sunday morning. 

and up too damn early having already lost an hour to get to the oak tree gun club for trap shooting. (after, I should add, an excellent pancakes, bacon and sausage and eggs and coffee breakfast.)

I passed shooting but watched, took some pics and video.

back to buffalo wild wings for a cold one, then to the ranch.

clayton crashed into a nap. 

I strolled down to and into the santa clara river - a dry wash - and hung out for a couple hours, quiet and in enough of a semblance of "nature" to have a slightly medicinal effect.

back to the ranch, chilled a bit, then to the train station at via princessa for the quick hour-long ride back. (closed my eyes and suddenly at union station.)

stopped into dublin's for dinner (fish tacos) and a cold one before strolling home.

a nice break in the routine and helpful to get out of downtown to something more rural and slower and quieter.

benefit felt today, almost as if another day had been added to the weekend.       

oak tree gun club.   

clayton rifleman.

Yi 41: Sh'i and Hansel (dream)



Yi 40: dream: my "arrival," two boxes, mom's excitement and photo op

I'm across from her on part of a long circularish path, heading (back?) in her direction.

she's hurrying to get into position to take a photograph of my arrival.

my arrival.

she almost trips - falls over herself - she is in such a rush.

I, by the way, have a file/moving box in each hand, "my things" inside them, and consider that raising them above my head, in, say, a "victory" (or made field "goal") gesture might be the appropriate "pose."  

sorta "duh," by look and feel.

more "two of a kind" in my possession. 

 have I finally effected my Release

some more 46.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

dream: Hansel

and that is all.

just him, in and out, hi and bye.

cameo, wave at me.

end dream.

how funny is that. 

pecos 42: wabbit season.

Henry and Donny with the dogs (barking) out on the property, both with .22 caliber pistols in hand. 

The dogs bark to come with but henry stays them. 

Donny suggests they might help in rustling up a rabbit or two.

Henry is sure they would but not so sure they won't rustle up a rattlesnake. Donny agrees it's a good point.   

Donny: How's the hand?

Talk about the fight,  Donny comments on Henry's jab. Henry wonders how he knows. It's on youtube, bro. Donny tells Henry more about Jesse.

Henry mentions the cat tracks.

Donny confirms they're out here.

Henry mentions the water bottle.

D: And so are they.

Silence (interrupted by the call of that hawk sound that's always used right about now).

D: Bunny wabbit your two oh clock.

A bunny wabbit scurries about off in the brush, then comes to a stop out in the open to be blown violently into the air and out of frame in time with the sound of a GUNSHOT.

The now deceased rabbit falls back into frame, a lump of fur on the desert floor. 

Soon enough we hear the sound of footsteps approaching.

D:(o.s.) He seemed a little surprised.

H:(o.s.) I'm a little surprised myself.

D:(o.s.) At what? 

H:(o.s.) That I hit him.

D: (o.s.) Why?

H: (o.s.) I'm left-handed. 

D: Oh yeah. 

A boot enters frame and pushes at the rabbit, turned over to reveal bullet hole.

Henry's hand enters frame and grabs the rabbit by it legs, lifting it up and out of frame.

We hear the men walking away.


D: (o.s.) Wabbit season, muthahfuckaaaaah!!! 



from Donny and Pete at Pete's:


Henry repairing the gate and fence at the road.

Donny's jeep approaches, cloud of dust at first. Arrives at Henry: Just happen to be in the neighborhood?

Donny: Matter of fact.

Turns out Pete is a neighbor, sort of. Donny's on the way home but, turns out, knows where Henry lives because he knows the truck from having known Henry's uncle.


Susan never knew because it was kind of a secret. Donny and Pete would come out and have beers while "the old man" drank whiskey, when Donny and Pete were seniors in high school. They met the old man at the shooting range.

Darrell - the old man, Henry's uncle - would tell war stories. Vietnam. He's the reason Donny and Pete signed up.

We learn this on Henry's handsome deck, where they both sit with beers. 

Henry inquires and we learn more about Donny's, and Pete's - "you're neighbor's" - war experience.

Donny of course somewhat interviews Henry, who's straight up, although excluding his Ventura County Jail (where we have met Henry in the opening scene) experience.

Donny asks about the guns.

Meet the rifle cabinet.

A story or two. Cousin Charles took the nine and shotgun because Tulsa is not what it once was.

Mention of Charles, whom Donny has heard the old man talking to on the phone, leads into the story of the boating accident on Lake Amistad that killed the old man's wife and daughter.

Donny's ringtone, he picks up. It's Susan. I was just going to call...staying over at Henry's. Puts Henry on the phone.

SUSAN. BUBBLE BATH. Glass of wine and joint. Candles. Faint Bitches Brew from another room. DOGS BARKING.


Henry and Donny with the dogs (barking) out on the property, both with holstered nines. Wabbit season.

Donny: How's the hand?

Talk about the fight,  Donny comments on Henry's jab. Henry wonders how he knows. It's on youtube, bro. Donny tells Henry more about Jesse.

she was right

she was right
about a lot.
other things,
maybe not
so much.

we both gave,
we both got.
and we're still
too hot
to touch.

Friday, March 11, 2016

dream: strong eye contact w/Kr elevator lobby

she walks by, staring as she passes, I hold the gaze.

she's looking for something in my eyes and expressing with hers.

interest, for one, and checking for any I might have. pretty clear. hair's kinda made up.

and she looks a little worried. maybe more than a little.

waiting for my elevator.

dream: young woman with a "scorpio" tattoo

"scorpio" - the text, stylized and accented - in dark green and black on her lower leg, down the length of it, more shin than calf.

black (widowish) dress, to the knees.

betting venus is there, too.

dirty blonde.