Saturday, October 31, 2015

boots 36: horseback ride free associate

meet the hostess and the horses. saddling up. tom looks like he belongs there.  

when's the last time you were on a horse? that chat, to nova scotia. "breton highlands."

tom: speaking of highlands, how tall ya reckon that'n is?

jackie gives a geography (sierra blanca) and history (apache reservation) lesson. ski apache. 

jackie's horse bolts, tom hyahs his to follow at a gallop. carson watching. chloe watching carson. 



is this really happening?


I didn't think so.    

watering in the draw. 

boots 35: HORSEBACK RIDING and note to self.

I'm uncomfortable with advertising horse racing. 

So they're going horseback riding that day; there are a couple stables in Ruidoso but I think more likely it will be a contact of Jackie's.

Feel much better just having written that. The entire Rui sequence has been like wrestling with a Rubik's Cube, but I'm getting there and this pretty much drops the first domino.

Cheaper, too.

And less headache re: logistics.

View of Sierra Blanca, local Apache history...



NOTE: SPURS on carson's desk. the PHOTOS tom sees on his self-guided tour. the one that tom took of CARSON'S MOTHER as a 20-year-old at the santa monica pier.

NO OLD CADILLAC. carson's convertible eurosedan.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

armadilla 9: the bridge: talkinamyself

Colleen will call to thank Jeff for his confession to Rebecca; they'll discuss meeting when they send her off to grad school in San Francisco. When they meet there will be agreement to remain separated; lots going on, need to think about things, changes, etc. 

Tommy will find out where Colleen lives in Dripping Springs and make a drive-by. Colleen will happen to come out the front door in time to see his car going past. Colleen in Tommy's rearview mirror as he speeds away.

Bobby gets the Corvette running. A drive to a tree with initials carved in. 

Lucille's poem at open mic night. She records it with her phone.       

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

boots 34: rui: paddock

all watching the horse parade. jackie filming. the bugle call.

chloe: when's the last time you were on a horse?

tom:  I was just thinkin' about that. been awhile. few years.

chloe: where were you?

tom: up near sheridan. we have - me and my wife, I mean - we have some friends with a nice little spread up near sheridan. used to have some horses. we'd head up couple times a year, do some ridin.

chloe: at a gallop?

tom: not much a that. I had a little fall off a horse a real long time ago, banged myself up pretty good. i'm alright at a trot, for awhile, but anything faster'n that'll shake the old bones up. how 'bout you? when's the last time you was in the saddle?

chloe: this time last year. dad and I went to a dude ranch in montana. last time and first time. 

tom: is that so?.

carson:  for both of us.

chloe: unless you count the mule ride at the grand canyon.

tom: I'd count it.

chloe: have you ever been to the grand canyon?

tom: i have. did the mule ride too. 

chloe: when?

tom: oh golly, 'bout a million years ago. had just come out from texas and got a job pretty quick, shootin' at a place called apacheland movie ranch. don't know if ya ever heard of it.

chloe: I've heard of it.

tom: east a phoenix a little bit, superstition mountains area.

jackie: it's where they shot gunfight at the o.k. corral.

tom: that's right. and a whole lot a other things. anyway, we had a break for a couple days so a few of us went up to the grand canyon. quite a sight, ain't it?

chloe nods.

tom: reckon you'll ever get on a horse again?

chloe: yep. in three days. dad and I are going to nova scotia.

tom: so I heard.

carson: we have a couple days of riding in the cape breton highlands.

tom: I don't know the area but it sure sounds pretty. i'll have to look it up.

chloe: will you make a wager today?

tom: well, I am feelin' a little lucky. 

carson: well. shall we get to out seats?

all follow carson away.

dream: wheeler place front door

ext front door day.

that's where I'm standing.

not sure why because I'm surprised when an older woman on the sidewalk, like from the pov this picture was taken, tells me "miss elly" has arrived, and I hear the clicks of this elly's heels on the driveway, coming around the door from where she's parked in front of the garage, in for a surprise (too), right around the corner.