Wednesday, September 30, 2015

dream: high desert enclave revisited

but this time, rather than strolling the shiny-idyllic southwestern neighborhood populated by the handsome adobe homes, I am across a/the valley/canyon from it, and lower on the hill/mountain, viewing the tops of the homes along the ridge offering a panoramic view of all below.

it is within walking distance  - nearing - and I contemplate the route that would get me there.

reminded somewhat of the drive with james to ski santa fe that morning, the homes blending into the hills so well as to be almost camouflaged.

found gold doubloons sidewalk

actually, costume necklace and the detached "coins" that were strewn about the hope street sidewalk between 9th and 8th, closer to the latter, just up from ralphs.

sheer coincidence, of course, that there were 14.