Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

dream: arnold mountain home

I'm in a mountain home being built by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has invested in an extant partnership (two men, celebrities of some sort) and seems to be exercising his powers of executive decision, happy to be doing so, ebullient and showing me around the work-in-progress home.

The home is also a set/stage for the show, which would seem to have to do with building a mountain home.  

At one point I step into a room that seems something of a staging area for tools, screws, etc.; there is also the sense there are workers in the room but I can't see them. (Behind the scenes?)

I don't know where I am on the planet until, when I am set to step outside, I overhear a reference to the "U.S. Open at Ketchum."

Ketchum as in Sun Valley, Idaho.

It seems worth including that in "real life" Mr.Schwarzenegger owns - or once owned - an immodest mountain home in Sun Valley.

BIG DREAMS: lucid, epic, episodic

running consecutively, like twilight zone episodes, including some sense of visiting Christmases past, present and future; at any rate, different and dissimilar (except in the lucidity) installments.

and they each began in black.

talking to david, both as a little boy and currently. I ask if he wants to talk. he says, after a cryptic beat, we can talk.

also an image, like pulled out of the memory bank, tommy with that bottle of coke in his hand down at the river. 

that same willowy woman coming into view through the big picture window of the house I am in. she's approaching from an outer walkway, disappears from view for a moment, then in through the door, that long brown hair.

And the same floating-not-walking and that same sack-dress. 

more flight. this time straight up. fist extended skyward, higher and higher, passing other "fliers" in the same "pose," aimed at the stars. fewer, then only me, other than the stealth-shaped (but white) rocket-jet against the blue sky above me.

then I am at "the top" of a skyscraper - thee skyscraper? -  and place my hands on the greenish art deco slab of concrete I see before me. (I am reminded of the wiltern.) (which reminds me of the marquee dream, couple years ago, "after the gold rush.")

finding myself in a mountain home being built/produced by arnold schwarzenegger, who is all big smiles and giving directions, some sort of how-to moment. he's invested in an already existing partnership, two guys who have their own tv show of some kind. chefs? I don't know, not really clear. but whatever, the show Arnold is in it for is clearly more like home improvement-related, maybe about building mountain homes.

and this is a nice one. (mine, maybe?) at one point I enter a room covered in arrangements of tools and screws and workers I know are in the room, but I can't see them. (behind the scenes?) 

there is no hint of location until near the end of the dream, when I am headed outside and hear a reference to an upcoming "u.s. open at ketchum."

(interesting - more Idaho - and made more so because mr. Schwarzenegger does in fact, or did, own an immodest property there.)  

and last, encountering a man I "know" to be me, a bit older, ridiculously taller, big - like cartoon taller (larger than life) - and while I do "recognize" his identity, he's more like right out of central casting, in formal attire (awards show?) but the tie is loose and the top buttons of the shirt undone. (after-party.) "he" is tan, relaxed, and has a smile of some considerable satisfaction.  

Sunday, December 28, 2014


i thought about you in san luis obispo.
i considered texting merry christmas,
but a little voice insisted no,
too ravaged is our fragile isthmus,

spit of sand connecting dots,
string of thing from me to you,
breached by ocean in several spots,
but that's what storms and tides will do.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas train

I'm on the train to San Luis Obispo, just out of Union Station, sitting across the aisle of a 70-ish man who just concluded a phone conversation in which he apologized at least a dozen times to "Marilyn" for not making the phone call it seems he ought to have; however, he is not quite certain that he did not, he says a few times, too.

My sense is that he damn well knows he did not. At any rate, the last I heard was him saying "if you want to talk, you call me."

Cool this morning, with a nice breeze. Breakfast at The Pantry, oatmeal and toast with an orange juice and coffee.

Will walk along San Luis Obispo creek (first time), take some pictures, catch the Coast Starlight back mid-afternoon.

Get some work done on the train.

Monday, December 22, 2014

floor 6

amtrak roundtrip

find san diego pier cafe, go upstairs for a table with a great view of battleships, the bay, the bridge. quick and easy stroll.