Wednesday, September 24, 2014

holy marriage

what happens between strangers
when they as passing ships
move god's rearrangers
to seek union of their lips?

what in dreams would transpire
to unite them lest they fly
away as embers from a fire
or stars falling from the sky?

how would they ever come to meet
if not for god's winged carriage
to sweep them off their wayward feet
into the heart of holy marriage?

"go perfect unknown" and screenplay file

just the phrase upon waking, "go perfect unknown.'

and just the image, my pov above two pairs of hands, one pair parting a place in the middle of a drawer (of sorts) of what I knew to be screenplays, and indicating in the middle of these screenplays where the other pair of hands should place the screenplay they held. the other hands parted a space exactly in the center. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


says he wants to be a writer
like it's a word on a shingle
like squeezin' a little tighter
is gonna shit out a hit single

well I don't think it works quite like that
but what the hell do I know
still sittin where I've been sittin at
since a real long time ago
jussayin it might take a little more
than flappin' your gums about it
doin's beat talkin' since they been keepin' score
you say ya know that but I kinda doubt it

he says he wants to be a writer
has so many things to say
that'd make the sun shine brighter
but he doesn't have time today  

well I don't think it works quite like that...


tulsa ain't lookin' for nothin' heartfelt
all tulsa want's another notch in her belt
gonna get married again someday
but before she does tulsa's gonna play around

that's alright tulsa queen
i was your age a long time ago
where you are now is where i done been
so i can't pretend i don't know
dig in them spurs sweet tulsa
get that bronc to buck
don't you worry about your dance card
plenty a fellas are gonna wanna try their luck

tulsa shoots me a pretty little smile
butterfly eyelashes and mata hari guile
but when she gets a call on her intelligent phone
tulsa's on it like a dog with a brand new bone to bury

that's alright tulsa queen
i was your age a long time ago
where you are now is where i done been
so i can't pretend i don't know
dig in them spurs sweet tulsa
get that bronc to buck
don't you worry about your dance card
plenty a fellas are gonna wanna try their luck

scroll down for more Tulsa...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

eat cake

I know exactly what it looks like.
I don't really care.
It's the cover of a book.
Eat cake and stare. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

An Irishman in Dublin's

Last Friday at Dublin's I met and conversed with a young man named Brian, in town briefly, work-related. I'd guess he was perhaps 30, though likely younger, his face aged by life mileage. In short order he made it clear he was looking for cocaine. He didn't come right out with it but it didn't take long for him to get around to it once he trusted me enough to inquire. By that time he knew my paternal grandfather had been born in Ireland and that I had a Claddagh ring. As always happens when I talk to someone with an Irish accent I found my own inflections taking on a bit of an emerald lilt, an odd phenomenon indeed.

I told him I couldn't help him with the cocaine - he was surprised I'd never touched the stuff - but we did have a good conversation of perhaps an hour before he went off to continue his search. But before then, after I'd told him the paternal grandfather had drank himself to death, he stated matter-of-factly such a fate was due for any and every Irishman. Not so surprisingly, I s'ppose, we had similar father stories. I learned that a few members of his family had not died in the bottle, but by the needle. For some reason I remembered the Queen of Ireland and what Dave had told me about her first husband as well as what I'd discovered about her second.

He talked about "real" Irish pubs, how there weren't - "wearn't" - so many televisions. He seemed the sort to be familiar with boxing so I inquired - he was - and we spoke briefly of that. I told him that if he were around the next evening, the Mayweather-Maidana fight would be on, but there'd be a cover charge. He said no thank you, he'd rather go back to his room (at the Bonaventure) with a bottle of vodka. Wise, I thought to myself, less likely to get into a fight. I've yet to meet an Irishman who hasn't put up their fists a couple times.

We thoroughly agreed on the considerable merits of Polly Jean Harvey, though I was surprised he didn't know where she's from. Well, more dubious than surprised. He also shared a poigant and personal story of his connection to the late John Maher. I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful exchanges with strangers in Dublin's. Though this was among the briefest, it was also among the richest. I strongly suspect Mr. Slevin and I will meet again.

Assuming he stays alive long enough.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

needle's eye

i've lied and i've cheated
done time and repeated
mistakes i can never erase

clawed my way to the top
only to drop
like a rock falling from grace

i've stolen cars
just to get to the bars
i could drink in without getting shot

by angry bartenders
or a man who remembers
me being where i ought not

you might not care much about it
'cause your heart's about as big as the sky
what did i do to ever get you
my darlin my sweet honeypie
you're the reason the lord let me on through
the blink of the needle's eye

i've passed every test
that proved i was the best
at being utterly stupid

i've broken so many hearts
into so many parts
i finally got subpoenaed by cupid

i've poisoned the water
led beauty to slaughter
slept through it because i was drunk

i'm telling you dear
your man standing here
is a ship that used to be sunk

you might not care much about it...

Saturday, September 13, 2014


it's mostly my fault when it comes down to it
i got some gripes but who breathin doesn't
i can't say i didn't put her through it
can't say i was somethin i damn well wasn't

put the sticker on my forehead where everyone can see it
call my name on the magaphone so everyone can hear
need a pinata for your party well baby i'll be it
i'm the one screwin up and callin it career

but there's a little thing i'm gonna add like a cherry
to a scoopful of shit steamin on the table
you don't need to have a card for the library
to know you gotta have a fool if ya wanna have a fable

Friday, September 12, 2014

mizz nacogdoches

you've gained some weight
I've lost some hair
and made some mistakes
I wouldn't dare repeat.

you smoke cigarettes
i drink too much beer
but we ain't dead yet
we're standin right here on our feet

so whaddaya say, mizz nacogdoches
d'ya suppose we stand half a chance
we've been everywhere from zero to atrocious
but damn if there still ain't a dance
damn if there ain't a dollar in my pocket
and a jukebox next to the bar
won'tcha hop on into my cardboard rocket
still time to find us a star

you've been divorced twice
i've been to jail
life ain't always nice
but the wind's in our sail tonight

i'll be here for you
like you're here for me
doin the best we can do
just tryin to see the light

so whaddaya say, mizz nacogdoches...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


broken men
shards of glass
along the sidewalk
as I pass

and step just so
so as to miss
the confluence
of beer and piss

along the cracks
branching out
in drunken tracks

the smell of shit
in someone's pants
a twinkie
under happy ants

mothers' sons
missing fathers
missing fingers
no one bothers

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

feathers and pennies from heaven?

I get help and plenty of it. Lately feathers everywhere; the pennies/coins have been shining for some time. and of course the hearts, a story unto itself.


on the feathers, please

Your reading resulted in the following hexagrams:
changing to
14 55

Hexagram 14, Great Possession

Key Questions

Given all you have, who will you be?
How can you affirm and support what is good?


‘Great Possession.
From the source, creating success.’

Great Possession means you are rich – maybe in material goods, maybe in less tangible assets, like knowledge, wisdom, power, energy, talent or relationships. Whatever form it takes, you have something real and potent in your possession.
The Chinese word for ‘possession’ also means ‘there is’, so this is ‘great being’ as well as ‘great having’: what there is and what you are, as well as what you have. The ancient form of the character shows an outstretched hand, which may hold an offering: to possess is to offer; what you have is, by definition, what you can give.
And what you have and can give is great. This is pure potential: an opening to the source, and a promise of abundant energy ready to enter into circulation and become creatively active.


‘Fire dwells above heaven: Great Possession.
A noble one ends hatred and spreads the good,
She yields to heaven and rests in her mandate.’

Changing Lines

Line 2

‘A great chariot to carry loads.
With a direction to go, no mistake.’

Line 6

‘From heaven comes help and protection.
Good fortune,
Nothing that does not bear fruit.’

Hexagram 55, Abundance


dream image: purple heart

like a close-up of a large painting, a purple heart - deep and textured - with a black border. not a painting, like a painting. large.

why did i receive the purple heart?

Your reading resulted in the following hexagrams:

Hexagram 59, Dispersing

how did i do it?

Your reading resulted in the following hexagrams:

Hexagram 17, Following

Thursday, September 4, 2014

drunken lament

i had a job
i had a car
i had a house
i had a wife

had this idea
i might go far
maybe make somethin
outta my life

i went to work
they said go home
ain't a damn thing
for you here no more

long story short
didn't take long
'fore she was packed
and slammin the door

and so i sing this drunken lament
to myself sittin on a stool in a bar
might as well be stuck in cement

or an elephant sinkin in la brea tar
i'll never know where it all went
but thank god for a tent and this old guitar

just one more thing
i'd like to say
then i believe 
i'll have me a beer

life will bring
then take away
and finally you
away from here

and so I sing this drunken lament...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

dream: "back end" payment

walking behind plthrstn and overhearing him speak to someone ahead of him - I can't see this person - about "back end" payment.

Why was I hearing this?