Wednesday, August 27, 2014

king henry

it was a gift.

she'd dropped a big hint and i followed up.

stopped by the hollywood hustler store on sunset, got immediately swarmed by a gay man to whom i immediately made clear that i was shopping for my GIRLfriend. (hey, just trying to save everyone some time.)

and, by the way, YES, i was nervous walking in there.

dude transfers me to a woman, all goth and tatts and piercings and peroxide hair and probably fangs and incantations if you cross her.

she was quite helpful.

we got choices narrowed down to, you know, clitoral versus vaginal, all that, and not much later i'm walking out with a little gizmo that significant other was very appreciative of.

it also pretty quickly had a name, king henry, because she was hot for jonathan rhys meyers, who played henry 8 on the television show, the tudors.

i got to drive it a couple times. vroom. whir. bzzzzzz. touchdown!

thank Yi.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

boldly go

i'm the man who does die trying.
you're the one who asks what was he thinking?
or i'm the satellite you see flying
from your fat recliner, slowly sinking.

i'm the man who crashes and burns.
you're the one who says i toldja so.
or i'm the light from whom someone learns
to be one's own captain and to boldly go.

Monday, August 18, 2014


trained down yesterday to meet rex, but no rex.

pondered getting on the train going back, just a few minutes out, and gave a half-fast attempt to board but the doors closed. waited around a little for rex then took off on walkabout.

a beautiful day, sunny and very warm. i was surprised how quiet downtown was. 

i found branagan's and a place called the pint house with alley-like outside seating. i imagined someone i know having been in the former establishment at least once. i wondered if i'd be recognized.  

also wondered if the district had an amerige-type and whaddayaknow, wandered into one.   

met a male tabby named tigger (tag) who was beating the heat under the front of a car parked in a lot. friendly and affectionate little fella.

brought a pad of paper and pens and managed to get some work done, a nice combination of productivity and leisure.

a new claremont. i'll do it again.

fwiw, to whom it might matter, metrolink's weekend ticket - $10 r/t - ain't no bad deal, though it was better when the ticket was good through the entire weekend as opposed to now, when a ticket is good either saturday OR sunday.

still. i've taken it to san clemente a few times, not yet to oceanside.

san juan capistrano's on the way.

claremont offers a nice little village experience.

haven't been out to riverside/san bernardino yet.

i have taken it to lancaster, a couple times, and will again.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

more found object hearts

grand hill sidewalk


it occurred to me this morning not long after waking that i have been, among other things, a fool, and not just recently, nor slightly.

(nor only, i reckon.)

shaken as if slapped into a sudden startling and staggering sobriety, for lack of a better word,  i reached for the book and opened it to jesus speaking with the canaanite woman.  i considered their conversation, and why jesus might have used the language he did, and how the exchange pertained to my own revelation.  

(there was that pesky little faith thing popping up again.) 

maybe a fool tattoo.

on my forehead.

thank Yi.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

found fortune 10

in cookie in wrapper in cafeteria, alone on a table, today.

and, as usual, right on time with me thinking i'm about due, again.   

maybe i'll take a look at the spacing between these events.

probably not but glad i finally started posting them.

thank Yi.
i sense a theme emerging: 


I told her to come out, she could take the train, she liked trains, I'd pick her up at the station. Just grab her backpack, buy a one-way, wasn't like she'd be putting me out by staying as long as she desired. I assured her I hadn't an itinerary to interrupt. But she knew that from our correspondence. We were pen pals and had been for almost fifteen years, introduced by a mutual friend who knew we both wrote. 

We had never met. She lived east of the Mississipi and I'm just west of the Pecos. And she was married, already engaged when we first began to write. They never had kids, turned out she couldn't but wanted to adopt and he did too, or so he said until oneday he told her he wasn't so sure and she asked about what and he said Everything. The divorce was less than amicable, apparently he'd been cheating for awhile. I knew she was struggling and I told her to come out but warned her the nearest Starbucks is in Odessa.

She wondered what I thought would happen, the two of us out in the middle of nowhere. I told her there was no telling, maybe not a damn thing, would that be awful? I told her hell, who knows, it's a trailer, we might get caught up in a flash flood and float down the draw into the Pecos and on into the Gulf of Mexico and wouldn't that be a hell of a story.

Who knew.

Monday, August 11, 2014

dream: knocked into higher consciousness

i witness a pedestrian struck violently by a car, which leaves the scene.

i am sure, even as the pedestrian flies through the air tumbling over, that he is seriously hurt, if not dead.

but he lands in perfect lotus position, as if meditating, uninjured.

and the motorcycle cop that has witnessed it (too), trailing behind the scene, continues along without stopping, content that nothing of the incident was "wrong."

thank Yi.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

old arkansas

dave(left) and me at the well. (alas, no out-house pictures) 

me, great grandfather sawyer, and dave



Saturday, August 2, 2014


me (left) and dave