Saturday, May 31, 2014

dream: the intersection (crossing)

i am walking to the southeast corner of the intersection of 7th and figueroa, to cross (transition?) the street to the northeast side, where one would go down to the metro (travel?).

i notice her as i'm about to cross; she is at the same intersection, also waiting for the signal. she's got on grey slacks (corporate? yang?) and glasses (not shades) with clear round lenses.

i take a few steps into the crosswalk then do a kind of double-take turn-around, circling back to her. 

she's noticed me and lowers her glasses onto the bridge of her nose, as if for a better look.

not a word is said between us.

so, we're both at an intersection, waiting to make a crossing.

i notice her first. i reverse my intended direction to return for a better look. a second look.

i was going to go somewhere (or thought i was on my way), as was she, but there was change. 

she is equally interested/curious and removes her glasses (or usual way of seeing/perceiving) for a different perspective. (another thought, lens shape vs. eye shape? a juxtaposition, east/west?)  


Friday, May 30, 2014

a list

certain starbucks.
any souplantation or dog park.
silver lake. 
the hollywood hills.
sunset boulevard.
the 101 and 110.
valencia and ojai and ventura and santa barbara.
costa rica for damn sure. 
bali and thailand.
baton rouge.
even out of the damn closet.

right again. thank Yi.

sea change

i dreamt last night we made love
and woke up wondering why,
and remembered  push coming to shove
but neither of us saying goodbye.

i wondered why i would have such a dream
and about some of its specifics,
things that when pondered might make it seem
the atlantic had become the pacific.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pier from Pacific Surfliner

taken with my ipad

Cali Country

south of San Luis Obispo,  from Pacific Surfliner

Saturday, May 24, 2014

SLO Brew

a day on the train. more later.

Friday, May 23, 2014

dreams: god's note in dave's margin; envelope w/cash; cpw

dave's been given a three-line note in the narrow top-left margin of white ruled/lined paper.

can't discern the words other than the last, the sign-off, God.

dave's lifted by this, animated, while i am pondering the veracity of the signature.

i end up concluding that absolute certainty would be difficult to prove but...who else might have done it and why, and why not believe what my own eyes can see. 

i tell dave that's "a keeper," the sort of thing carry with you, a reminder to...

but he is somewhat oblivious to my uttering and so i cease, content that he is happy with his find.


my uncle (avuncular figure) has one million dollars (millionaire). (or budget?) (related?)

he hands me an envelope thick with what i presume to be cash.


at something like a party. going away? because i'm standing next to a smiling cpw, recent retiree.

thank Yi.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

dream: unforced entry

or "honey, i'm home."

guided to and then into her house by a couple...well, guides (who quickly disappeared after i entered).

i take a tour, realizing she isn't home.

a library with incan/mayan picture books, the kind you'd find on a coffee table. and large leafy plants taking up most of the floor, all of the center.

cool bathroom, i like the design and decor.

i step outside to the driveway, now a car is there, a clearwater aqua '67 mustang, she's home.

i step back in, there she is, top of the stairs in a nightgown. she sees me, we stare at each other.

the end.

loud and clear.
thank Yi.  
thank Yi.
found object mini-'stang 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Writing on the Train

so, this saturday i'm hopping on the pacific surfliner at union station early and riding up to san luis obispo, where i'll have a couple hours to stroll uptown for lunch and a beer before heading back to the station for the coast starlight that comes through about 3:30 for the haul back to los angeles.

while on the train i'll tie up the last loose ends of Boots then commence typing into format sunday; i need to have it to the aff by the 31st.   

curious, i googled "writers write on train" and discovered amtrak has a sort of residency writing program, emphasis, it seems, on "sort of."

anyway, i love the train; it's soothing and conducive to the mind-wandering and uninterruptedness required (by me) to get quality work done. the ride will also serve as a kind of reward to myself for the last year-and-a-half i've been (re)working on Boots. 

should Boots (or The Cabin or Sticks or...) come to something other than 130 pages of paper i suspect i would do a heckuva lot more writing on trains; i never don't get work done on them. something about sustained motion and views out the window really gets me in the space i need to be in.

ten hours of train time will be plenty to get this thing tidied up so that i am only typing, rather than solving, when i sit down with it next week.


Dreams: Being Noticed

in the dreams, i notice i'm being noticed.

i turn (head or body) and see someone who's been staring at me, observing. among others, a julie taymor-something (don't recall but that's the point, i think; "like" or "esque" might just as well have followed the hyphen) who perks up when i've said something within a group conversation. i suddenly pipe up (the preamble to the biltmore dream) and she becomes attentive.

another "older woman" whose attention comes my way when i'm stepping out of the lake in the end of the desert trail dream. she's on a small pier with maybe her husband and another older couple. a boat is tied to the pier. nice lifestyle.

a dr. phil-looking fellow in a suit who is there when i turn to see him. he asks you gotta rep? 

jkt noticing, getting up from her couch where her husband is potatoeing, then approaching. i have turned to see that she's been paying attention. 

the older woman (office administrator) who has held out the two cups from the doorway - basically, ace of cups (doubled) image - and called my name, twice, to get me into the new office with monitors over very new cubicle (everything white, brand new, just starting). she wants to talk about my blog and youtube. 

the man at the fancy hotel who's watching from the foliage (camouflage?) as i'm throwing/pitching on the immaculate grounds. (s.e.s. then shows up in the cabana.)


and now some elvis costello-looking dude (more suit) paying close attention from an elevator.  

thank Yi.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Found Fortune 7

yesterday, crosswalk, hope/ninth

Sunday, May 18, 2014

jet to rocket dream

kitchen table. night.

i'm talking, being ignored, notice (while she does not) the american airlines passenger jet coming in, landing pattern, right outside the window.

i can see embryonic forms pushing against the silver aluminumy underbelly of the plane, like roe against salmon skin. (pregnant.)

suddenly - zoinks! - the plane positions itself so that it's straight up and down, vertical, its tail not far off the ground, positioned as if on a launch pad.

and suddenly it takes off like a rocket and is in deep space in no time, a dot swallowed by the starry sky. 


thank Yi.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

dreams: elvis and central coast revisited

both real quick, hit'n'runs.

i'm in an elevator lobby - warm colors - and notice a man in an elevator who's been watching me. he's staring at me when i notice him, at which point the doors close.

dressed well, a suit, but more hollywood than blue/grey corporate. (in fact i wanna say olives and purples and a spash of dark gold?) a beat before i realize he looks very, VERY much like elvis costello, though it is not him

as it WAS in this dream, which i remember shortly after waking.

the other:

close on a villaesque residence atop a hill. nice crib.

then pretty quick zoom out to ls (like bad 70's tv or spaghetti western), revealing where it's set, remote outpost in the green rolling scrub-oak hills that remind me when i wake of the central cali coast.

reminded when i woke of the third-stage of the three-event dream from over a year ago; the run, but i would have to WAIT til the next day. but those same hills right across the road. and i "knew" it was my "hometown."

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I'd hear the popped top
of the cold steel reserve
he would drop
to begin each morning,

then the sip of the slop
that added the nerve
to not stop
despite every warning.

I'd hear the crunch
of aluminum folding
in on itself
after fueling

him with the punch
he'd just been holding,
nothing top-shelf
but still cooling.

I watched the fire
consuming his days
and long nights
grow stronger

until 'twas the pyre,
then tiring blaze,
dying light,
then no longer.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dreams: My Tigers

i am sitting in a throne-like chair, i have a pet tiger, beautiful and full-grown, on my left side. s/he is sweet, affectionate, and waiting for my lead. 

reminded of the two hologram tigers in the jungle part of the escape from little big horn dream. they (or one, twice) (and that "things coming in twos" again) come out from deep in the lush foliage, cartoon-huge heads, and roar at me, but i am not afraid at all; rather, i am fascinated; it's cool!

thank Yi.

Found Fortune 6

in a plastic bag i picked up off the sidewalk between home and 9th, to use for cat litter.

didn't notice it was a panda bag until i looked in and saw one half of the cookie. then looked a little closer for what i hoped to find.

thought yesterday that i was about due. 

thank Yi.