Saturday, August 31, 2013

Armadilla: Beats 1

1. Jeff and Colleen and the house in Lago Vista.
2. Colleen and Rayleen on the Blanco in Wimberley.
3. Jeff and Guillermo at the gate.
4. Rebecca and Chris...where?
5. Jeff and Bobby fishing. Left his laptop.
6. Colleen and Peter, tennis. Shower.
7. Tommy in his office in Austin. Secretary.    
8. Peter's place. Bed. Leaves her phone.
9. Rebecca (where?) calls. Leaves message. Ringtone. Peter sleeps.
10. Rayleen podcast. Pluto. Collision. Transformation.

11. Jeff leaving. Guillermo and Bobby. Future work on knoll.
12. Peter wakes. Hears beep. Finds phone. Shower.
13. Rebecca driving in. Song. Calls.
14. Peter driving. Coll's phone, R's ringtone.
15. Jeff driving in. The turn from 71.
16. Colleen in house hears Peter's car. The exchange. Jeff arrives. Doh.

17. The scene. "In my fucking house?"
18. Rebecca arrives. Peter leaving with broken nose.
19. Into the house, she overhears. Jeff leaves. Rebecca leaves. Coll plays R's message.
20. Jeff driving, R in rearview. R driving, crying.
21. Coll at Ray's. "She hates me."
22. Guillermo and Rebecca on porch. Talk of his late wife and son. Bobby and Jeff arrive. (Headlights on the oaks, lighting a deer's eyes.)

23. Bobby and Rebecca, the bike in the barn. Fishing.
24. Tommy finds Coll hitting balls at the tennis center.
25. Bobby and Jeff and Guillermo at work. Building.
26. Rayleen and David. Every picture tells a story. No children.
27. Tommy home. Yearbook.
28. Colleen home. Yearbook.

29. Dinner. Jeff confesses to Rebecca.
30. Bobby. Old photos of Lucille. He logs on.
31. Rebecca calls Colleen (in bed with book, towel on wet hair).

32. Bobby. Rebecca. Bike farther along. She's leaving.
33. At car with Jeff and Guillermo. First pitch, SF, September. Drives away.
34. Tommy, Colleen. Didn't we leave a match unfinished? Remember the score? Daughter coming home. Raincheck?
35. Rebecca home. Reunion.
36. Coll at Ray's. David guitar, Rebecca piano. Mom called. Guess who I ran into. Reverse: D and R POV. Uncle Dave?
37. Bobby and finished bike. Jeff and G.
38. Party at Guillermo's. Jeff meets a woman.
39. Lucille calls Ray's show.
40. Coll and Rebecca. Woman to woman.
41. Bobby and Jeff. Brother to brother. Red River. Bobby's ride.

42. Tommy at work. Call from a Colleen Van Horn? Leave a number? Yes.
43. Rebecca catches girlfriend.
44. Bobby in camp. Gets on bike.
45. Colleen comforts Rebecca. A phone call. Lets it ring. Don't know that number. A beep. Hmmm, I'll check it later.
46. Jeff and Guillermo.
47. Tommy at home. Phone call. Colleen. She fiddles with her ring. Calls Jeff, thanks him.
48. Bobby outside a house. A woman (Lucy) inside. He turns around, turns on light. She happens to come out (with trash) and sees figure on bike riding away. She stares. Quietly: Bobby? That you?
49. EXT TENT. Bobby crying.
50. Jeff crying. Colleen crying. Rebecca overhears.
51. Guillermo to bed. Pics of wife and son.
52. Lucy driving. Finds Bobby (in camp?).

53. Bobby back. Jeff and G notice a difference. What happened? Tell ya at supper.
54. Tommy and Colleen, lunch at The Oasis. Rebecca in SF. Show you my house?
55. Bobby and Guillermo and Jeff, lean-to on the knoll. Re Lucille.
56. Tommy and Colleen in bed. Holding hands. A childhood memory.
57. Rebecca in San Francisco. Apartment, roommate. "Clearly friendly."
58. Ray's show. Lucille calls. Bobby's with her.

59. Colleen. Mom on phone. Divorce final.For Sale sign.
60. Jeff, Red River. Snow. Cafe. Barbara.

Coffee and Cabernet


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Dreams: Script; Cavalry and Tiger

a wonderful night of rich and vivid dreaming, the first in awhile.

my script is being produced. rather all of a sudden in fact, to the degree that the show begins tonight. i arrive amidst much business; an exterior set/production area, people working. but i know the actors can't know their lines - they haven't even seen the script. (but there's a grey area there because at one point i think that it's something like a first read-through;  for that matter, aspects of film and theatre intermingle.)

i take note of a slender brunette in a hard hat. i don't get a real good look at her. it's clear she's a designer and i know that at some point we'll talk. Hell, she might well be the director (in which case Kelly Reichardt, please).  

there's a later dream with some of these characters, like part two. i'm meeting people for the first time but mostly in passing, no introductions. i'm very much the new kid in town. i see an older male actor reahearsing, reading lines.

i don't really have the concern about unreadiness i might were i the director; my part, for the most part, is done, and i have a sense of confidence about everything coming together.

p.s. edit. "oh yeah." there was a pronounced theme of green, down to the color of my fancy leather shoes and sportscar, which matched exactly.

I am a Cavalry Scout with troops in Indian Territory. I know this by my uniform and rifle and that inner knowing within a dream. Further context is lent by our position atop bluffs. (I was reminded immediately upon waking of Major Reno and Captain Benteen.) The soldiers seem somewhat "asleep" to me, a little sloppy somehow, vulnerable. And in fact I sniff an ambush, it's in the air. I note the swirling purple clouds of sunset over the distant mountains. I climb down into the ravine and begin a cautious, ever-alert reconnaisance walk away from the soldiers.

Suddenly I emerge in present-day, no longer in uniform and certainly not South Dakota.

It's like I've walked up some stairs out of an urban park to a city street across from one building that makes me think "university." I recall a mother and college-age son walking. Next to the building is more of the park-like setting, though more jungle-like. And just as I had when the Cav Scout, I got the sudden sense of something coming out of the foliage soon, and then there it was, a huge hologramish tiger, a giant, roaring at me. I was neither surprised nor fearful. It seemed an auspicious and positive sign and I pondered things "tiger" as the cartoonishly huge cat disappeared back into the jungle, only to repeat the performance once more, perhaps in case I'd missed something. Pretty damn cool.

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Van Doh!


we're looking at a postcard-size "painting" on the wall near a door.

her height and coloring might've made it obvious, and it was, but not until later, after all the pieces had come together.

so we're standing there looking at it and i'm kind of picking at one of the two flowers poking out from the painting, gobs of acrylic petals protruding significantly from the "canvas."

then i touch her arms, innocently, but it could be perceived as a kind of overt gesture of flirtation - the simple but loaded aspect of touch - and i apologize, maybe that's too foward, going too far, and she is quick to assure me it is not, in a way that makes fairly clear that it was appreciated.  

i wake and ponder.

the flowers. the first thing that comes to me is "irises."  doh. then i realize the protruding aspect of them represents the 3-d aspect in a certain postcard. (back to the size of the "painting.")

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