Monday, January 28, 2013

Field Trip: Lancaster

bought the metrolink weekend pass and caught the 8:55 to lancaster on saturday morning to check out their stretch of redevelopment called the boulevard. it's a nice route, nicer when it begins to open up around newhall. there's a forty-minute stretch between via princessa and vincent grade/acton where the train climbs steadily along the back of angeles forest. found object pictures show snow on the tracks.

but saturday was gorgeous with a break in the rain. i got off the train at 11 and walked the half-block then turned left, and there it is; nothing fancy, really, but it's pleasant, and a huge improvment. the project (something like three years, i think) won a few prestigous awards. the street was quiet, the air comfortably cool. the sun was out. it felt good to be away from downtown.  

i walked a few minutes then saw the marquee of the laemmle at which i planned to see a movie, just before i got to the doors of the coffee shop i'd scouted online. and directly across from the cinema was the mircobrewery at which i intended to have lunch.

i went in for a double-espresso, and scribbled away at alpine for awhile before feeling i was forcing things then taking a walk and finding an antique store and looking around maybe twenty minutes, then to kinetic.

sat outside on the front patio at a table with an umbrella, facing the cinema across the street, enjoying the sun that made the 60-degrees feel closer to 80 when you faced it. the tuna melt was alright, the ipa was good, and i had a nice chat with a couple, both aerospace engineers (surprise), before (finally) heading over to see the film rust and bone, (which i enjoyed). (the script.)

on the walk back to the train, staring at the full moon low in the beautifully bruised sky, i noticed a tattoo place that i'd've walked by earlier but not noticed. then i realized it was the place, so... 

i'll be back.