Sunday, December 23, 2012

I've Been

i've been foolish and pathetic
the worst of peripatetic
pedantic unromantic and worse

i've been shallow and stupid
and so callow that cupid
could shoot me in the heart and i'd curse

i've been mean and low and cold
and can't tell the lies i've told
lest i loose tears like rain into a flood

i've been bad in such big ways
that the train made of my days
splashes stains from the cars that haul the blood

i've over-wandered and been wasteful
pondered then been distasteful
as if to know the poison of my tongue

i've been fickle and forgetful
and now i know regretful
and how wisdom is wasted on the young

i've had good love and shit on that
i've always answered tit for tat
when the right thing to do was just to hear

i've been places i can't go
anymore because they're so
haunted and grow darker by the year