Saturday, October 21, 2017


She called come in so he did and closed the front door behind him and saw the open door to her bedroom and her legs and feet and then when he entered her entire naked self on her back on her bed looking at him in a way that made clear enough without her generous presentation that she was ready and willing and it occurred to him that to turn away was not an option that would occur to the brain that was his but not entirely him except as some abstract theory that might as well shape the earth flat and place fire-breathing dragons as if ships stationed on all possible horizons and imagined even as he unbuckled his belt some alternate but near-impossible self leaving the room for something preferable to the penetration that was imminent as his next heartbeat and recognized that impossible self as either monk or lunatic and considered the difference between the two both gulf and quarter-inch but stopped such rumination when she spread her legs and began to finger herself and he lowered his pants over his erection and off his ankles and one minute later was inside her and still a half-hour after that fucking her because she called out to him to do exactly that as if he could help it and because the heaven that would remain undiscovered umtil the death he knew would find him was in that burning moment less preferable and furthermore as remote as the neighboring hell that he easily imagined was populated to its flaming gills by fornicators as rabid and mysteriously stupid as he in such rapturous embrace with his woman and so heaven would wait if in fact it would ever open its gates to such a beast still embedded with lizard and gorilla and when she bit him on his shoulder thus announcing the arrival of her orgasm he too came and he grabbed her hair as if mane and observed his penetration as did she except when they looked each other in the eye as if for rescue and he spoke her name without having planned to and she finally smiled and he kept back the tear such pleasure evoked because it would send her spiraling and because she in his mistaken mind was all he had and cherished and so he smiled too and she saw through it to the sadness that filled his eyes as water does a pool and felt again afraid of the dark the sunset through her window forebode.