Wednesday, September 17, 2014

needle's eye

i've lied and i've cheated
done time and repeated
mistakes i can never erase

clawed my way to the top
only to drop
like a rock falling from grace

i've stolen cars
just to get to the bars
i could drink in without getting shot

by angry bartenders
or a man who remembers
me being where i ought not

you might not care much about it
'cause your heart's about as big as the sky
what did i do to ever get you
my darlin my sweet honeypie
you're the reason the lord let me on through
the blink of the needle's eye

i've passed every test
that said i was the best
at being utterly stupid

i've broken so many hearts
into so many parts
i finally got subpoenaed by cupid

i've poisoned the water
led beauty to slaughter
slept through it because i was drunk

i'm telling you dear
your man standing here
is a ship that used to be sunk

you might not care much about it...