Friday, October 31, 2014

plans for the weekend?

yes. glad I asked.

stop by dublin's on the way home tonight, surprise.

train to san luis obispo tomorrow, stroll and lunch with a couple pints at slo brew, then back on the train for the ride home. read the apartment (barnes and noble birthday gift from mom) and tighten up "cummins diesel" and "white sands" scenes whilst in transit.

back downtown around nine, stop in at dublin's, see what the saturday night vibe is like.

sunday: on the bike early for an hour's spin, breakfast at the pantry, then to the train to universal city station. a quick stop at the man cave on the way to see lindsey in the stoppard play at theatre west. as kyle and beans are supposed to be in attendance, a(nother) stop at the man cave before a ride home seems likely.

watch shepard and dark (more barnes and noble from mom) sunday night.

my assessment that i'd turned the corner (re zen's passing) was somewhat premature a few weeks ago. it's still really hard to go/be home, I miss him and experience periods of deep sadness. anyway, the bike ride sunday is another attempt at hitting the reset button and getting a steady workout routine going; lately it's more two steps up, one step back.

have also been considering finding a wall to throw the heavy rubber ball against, on sundays after a swim. if bill lee still has some gas in the tank, hell, maybe...I mean...what if...and...


anyway, birthday is sunday so thought I'd drop in a recent photo (yesterday) to chronicle the state of the state. and maybe more later as bookmarks of gym progress.